Who is Mandy Baker?

Mandy Barker is an award winning British photographic artist whose work involving marine plastic debris has received global recognition. Her work has been exhibited, published and collected worldwide.

Where is Mandy Barker from?

British Mandy Barker is a British photographer. … Mandy Barker.

Mandy Barker FRPS
Born 1964
Known for Photography
Movement Environmentalism, contemporary
Website www.mandy-barker.com

How does Mandy Barker work?

Mandy Barker is an international photographer whose work investigates marine plastic debris. Collaborating with scientists, she aims to raise awareness around plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and highlight current research studying the effects this has on marine life and ultimately ourselves.

Where did Mandy Barker go to school?

Mandy Barker (UK) studied MA Photography at De Montfort University, England.

Are Dean and Mandy Barker still married?

Barker married former New Zealand field hockey representative Mandy Smith in February 2004. They have four children, three daughters; Mia, Olivia & Isla and one son Matteo. Dean Barker is also a major shareholder in Kiwi Yachting Consultants.

What happened to Mandy Smith who married Bill Wyman?

Wyman reportedly grew impatient with her health problems and she moved out only weeks after they wed; the marriage officially ended in divorce after 23 months. Smith won a settlement then worth a reported US$880,000.

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