Who is Malina and Nathan’s father?

Portrayed By Hammer is an evo lover of Claire Bennet and the biological father of Tommy Clark and Malina Bennet.

Who is Claire Bennet’s baby daddy?

In Distractions, Claire and Meredith meet, sharing their powers with each other. Later, Meredith telephones Claire’s biological father, who is revealed to be Nathan Petrelli, informing him that their daughter is still alive. In the episode Unexpected, Claire finds that her mother, Mrs.

What is malinas power?

Powers. Elemental Control: Malina has the ability to manipulate the elements and even life itself.

Is Sylar really a Petrelli?

Ultimately, however, Hiro discovers that Nathan Petrelli isn’t Nathan Petrelli at all but a disguised power-hoarder Gabriel Gray a.k.a. Sylar (Zachary Quinto). Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia), Nathan’s brother and the only other man on Earth whose powers can compare to Sylar’s, arrives to confront the villain.

Who does Sylar have a baby with?

Noah Gray is a character in the HEROES universe. He is the son of Gabriel Gray, also known as Sylar, and Elle Bishop. He has the power to command the four primary elements, but they are split up along with his fractured psyche that has four distinct personalities.

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Who is Tommys dad?


Tommy Clark
Occupation Student
Family Claire Bennet (mother) Hammer (father) Malina Bennet (twin sister) Anne Clark (adoptive mother) Hiro Nakamura (adoptive father)
Relatives Angela Petrelli (great-grandmother) Noah Bennet (adoptive grandfather) Nathan Petrelli (maternal grandfather)
Ability Empathic power absorption

Who is Molly scared of in heroes?

boogeyman In Season 2, Molly suffers from nightmares involving the ‘boogeyman’. She’s scared to locate him as he can see her when she thinks about him. Coerced by Matt, Molly confronts her boogeyman, and slips into a coma-like state. Molly is played by Adair Tishler.

Why was Heroes Cancelled?

He said the problem was that Heroes’ low ratings weren’t an accurate gauge of its viewership. We had a very big audience out there that was not watching in a traditional way, Kring said. We were the most downloaded show on television the year that we were canceled.

Was Claire raped in heroes?

Claire’s father, Bennet, notices her attraction to Brody Mitchum, the quarterback of the football team before an away game. The team, cheerleaders and other students hold a bonfire after the game. … When things get too sexual for Claire she tries to stop it, but Brody attempts to rape her.

What is Arthur Petrelli’s power?

ability to steal Arthur Petrelli was the husband of Angela, the father of Nathan, Peter, and was a founding member of the Company. He was an evolved human with the ability to steal other evolved humans’ abilities through physical contact.

What happens to Skyler in heroes?

Sylar dismissed it and headed off to face Peter. But it was Hiro who stabbed Sylar and seemingly killed him in the Season 1 finale, just as Isaac’s comic had predicted. Sylar was discovered alive. It wasn’t long before he crossed the path of Maya and Alejandro.

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Is Hiro in Heroes Reborn?

But in Heroes Reborn, Oka’s Hiro, though still a sword-wielding, time-stopping teleporter, is a much more paternal figure. The character was held prisoner, his powers of time travel and teleportation hijacked by an evil corporation. … Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura in the June 13th – Part One episode of Heroes Reborn.

Did Sylar eat brains?

Sylar was originally created as a cannibal who ate his victims’ brains and digested their power; however, in order to avoid the potential silliness and zombie associations, the producers deliberately made this fact vague in the series.

What happened to Peter Petrelli?

Peter falls onto a taxicab and is fatally injured, but he survives by remembering Claire Bennet and mimicking her powers. Peter realizes that he does not need to push people out of his mind; he just needs to remember how those people made him feel to regain use of their abilities.

How old is Sylar?

Sylar was born on June 11, 1962. This would make that man 44 in 2006.

What did Sylar do to Claire?

Sylar obtains Claire’s power and Noah’s files, puts Claire’s scalp back on her head and turns to leave.

Is there a season 3 of Heroes?

Within the seasons of Heroes are volumes, which allow the writers to focus on shorter story arcs. … Heroes (season 3)

No. of episodes 25
Original network NBC
Original release September 22, 2008 April 27, 2009

What is Peter Petrelli’s mother’s power?

She has the ability to see into the future and the past through dreams, and can also enter and manipulate other people’s dreams. This was not revealed until the show’s third-season premiere. Angela served as the main antagonist of the webseries: The Recruit.

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What is Tommy Clarks power?

Power Absorption Tommy Clark (born Nathan Bennet) portrayed by Robbie Kay is one of the main protagonists in Heroes Reborn. He is an evolved human with the ability of Power Absorption with which he gains Hiro’s power of Space-time manipulation. He was the biological son of Claire Bennet and the twin brother of Malina Bennet.

Who is Claire Bennets husband?

Granddaughter: Claire Bennet. Husband: Arthur Petrelli (deceased).

Who is the boogeyman in Heroes?

When asked if she can see anyone she wants, Molly mentions that there is one person (far worse than even Sylar, her bogeyman) who she is afraid to locate; when she thinks about him, he can see her. By Season 2, it is revealed that the bogeyman is Matt’s father, Maury Parkman.

Who is the little girl in Heroes?

Molly Walker, portrayed by Adair Tishler (original series) and Francesca Eastwood (Reborn), is a fictional character on the NBC superhero drama series Heroes.

Where did Molly go in Heroes?

Molly was sent away to a safe location by Mohinder earlier on in the volume. If she was left about, there would be no fun in Heroes. It was a power that would destroy the entire volume if put to use, so she was best written out.

Is there a season 5 of Heroes?

After becoming an almost immediate hit for NBC in Fall of 2006, Heroes dropped significantly in the ratings over the past couple seasons. Fans have complained about the storylines but the TV show has been one of the network’s biggest draws in the 18-49 demographic.

Is there a sequel to Heroes?

Heroes Reborn is an American television series with 13 episodes which premiered on September 24, 2015, as a continuation of the NBC superhero serial drama series Heroes.

Does Netflix have heroes series?

The original Heroes is on Netflix instant streaming, so there’s no reason not to revisit it and see how you feel after a few years away from Sylar, the Petrellis, and everyone else. … But there are gems hidden throughout Heroes’ run that deserve recognition too.

Who kills Claire in Heroes?

During childbirth, Claire dies from cardiac arrest. Her grandmother, Angela Petrelli, and her adoptive father, Noah Bennet, each name one of Claire’s twins.

Is Matt Lanter in heroes?

Heroes (TV Series 20062010) – Matt Lanter as Brody Mitchum – IMDb.