Who is Bethany Martin?

In a latest update, Bethany Martin, 17, and a female friend, 16 have been arrested after they posted a video to Snapchat of themselves stealing a necklace from a man’s corpse in a drainage ditch near the intersection of Charismatic and Sunday Song in Southwest Bexar County.

What happened to Marcus Adams?

The medical examiner has ruled that Marcus Adams died by suicide. Marcus died by suicide, the medical examiner has ruled. He reportedly went missing two days before.

Did Bethany Martin get bailed out?

Martin was arrested last Tuesday and charged as an adult with felony theft from a human corpse or grave. She’s since been released on $2,000 bail, according to police.

How long can you get for theft from a human corpse?

Depending on the value of the stolen items, the penalties for these offenses range from a class B felony (punishable by one to 20 years imprisonment, a fine of up to $15,000, or both) down to a class C misdemeanor (up to three months imprisonment, a fine of up to $500, or both).