Where is Gloria Williams now?

Hernando Correctional Institution Inmate records show Williams is currently being housed at the Hernando Correctional Institution in Brooksville, Florida. She is set to be released by 2034.

Did Kamiyah Mobley get a settlement?

When Williams abducted Kamiyah, she acted alone. Still, Mobley said, she feels like the community still faults her, believing she played a part in order to get money from the hospital. She was awarded a $1.2 million settlement after the hospital was sued for lax oversight and security.

Why did Gloria Williams kidnapped Kamiyah?

It is known that Gloria Williams, about 33 at the time, later forged documents to create a new identity for Mobley. Williams was in an abusive relationship and had just miscarried a child a week before, which is believed to be her motive for the abduction.

Does Kamiyah still talk to Gloria Williams?

Kamiyah told ABC News in 2018 that she remains in contact with Williams and still calls her mom. She visits Williams in prison, and they call each other often. At the same time, Kamiyah has been getting to know her biological family.

Does Kamiyah Mobley go by Alexis?

On official paperwork, such as job applications and social security, Mobley went by the name her birth mother had given her. However, Mobley clarified in an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America that her name tag at work still read Alexis.

How much time did the lady get for kidnapping Kamiyah Mobley?

18 Williams said her 18-year sentence was cruel and unusual punishment, a claim the court unanimously rejected Monday. JACKSONVILLE, Fla Gloria Williams’ claim that her 18-year prison sentence amounted to cruel and unusual punishment was rejected by the First District Court of Appeal Monday.

Is Kamiyah Mobley with her birth mother?

Kamiyah Mobley was a newborn when she was abducted from a Florida hospital in 1998 by Gloria Williams, the woman who would raise her as her own. Now 21, Mobley has been reunited with her biological family, but still calls her kidnapper Mom.

Is the movie stolen by my mother a true story?

Stolen by My Mother: The Kamiyah Mobley Story (8 p.m., Lifetime) – This new movie produced in partnership with ABC journalist Robin Roberts tells the true story of a young woman who discovers at age 18 that she was abducted as a baby from a Florida hospital and that the family she grew up with isn’t her biological …

Has baby Sabrina been found?

One such case that Kalwary investigated was the disappearance in 1997 of infant Sabrina Aisenberg from her Valrico home. She has never been found. Authorities focused on the parents.

What name does Carlina White go by?

Carlina Renae White (born July 15, 1987), also known as Nejdra Netty Nance, is an American woman who solved her own kidnapping case and was reunited with her biological parents 23 years after being abducted as an infant from the Harlem Hospital Center in New York City.

How did they find out about Kamiyah Mobley?

It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since Kamiyah Mobley was found safe in South Carolina after being kidnapped as a newborn in 1998. More than 2,500 tips were given to officials that led to the arrest of 51-year-old Gloria Williams. … DNA tests confirmed that the girl was the missing newborn.

What happened to the girl who was kidnapped for 18 years?

Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped on June 10, 1991, in Meyers, California, United States. Dugard was 11 years old when she was abducted from a street while walking to a school bus stop. … Background of kidnappers.

Phillip Greg Garrido
Penalty Serving 431 years to life
Imprisoned at California State Prison, Corcoran

Was Kamiyah Mobley on Iyanla Fix My Life?

In March 2018, Mobley was on an episode of the reality TV show Iyanla: Fix My Life which airs on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network. Mobley had an explosive – and public – confrontation with the show’s host Iyanla Vanzant. … She (Iyanla Vanzant) made it drama. She kept pushing my daughter, Aiken said.

How is Kamiyah Mobley today?

At just eight hours old Mobley was kidnapped from a Jacksonville hospital in 1998 and found 18 years later in Walterboro, South Carolina. … Williams is now serving an 18 year prison sentence for stealing baby Kamiyah. Now 23 years old, Kamiyah is working on her bond with Shanara.