What kind of sauce is on a Baconator?

The Breakfast Baconator is a towering culinary achievement of smoky bacon strips, a hearty sausage patty, melted American cheese, perfectly cooked egg, topped with a dollop of Hollandaise sauce, and all held together with a big, toasted brioche bun.

Does a Baconator have onions on it?

None of the standard Baconators carries lettuce, tomato, onions or pickles, though these, as well as mustard, can be included by special order. At various times Wendy’s has offered special limited-time Baconators. The Spicy Baconator added jalapeo peppers and substituted pepper jack cheese and chipotle ranch sauce.

What is Wendy’s breakfast Baconator made of?

Grilled sausage, American cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, a fresh-cracked free range egg, (deep breath) more cheese and more bacon all covered in our signature cheese sauce. Don’t just break your fast.

Does Wendys use real bacon?

That’s why we only use fresh never frozen beef in our hamburgers and cook our bacon fresh in our restaurants every day. Others use factory cooked bacon and reheat it in a microwave because it’s easier, but that just isn’t the Wendy’s way. … Wendy’s has always served hamburgers made with fresh, never frozen beef.

Does baconator have mayo?

A half-pound* of fresh British beef, American cheese, 6 pieces of crispy Applewood smoked bacon, ketchup, and mayo.

What are the ingredients in a Wendy hamburger?

A traditional, by-the-book Dave’s Single comes with a quarter-pound** of fresh beef, American cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, mayo and onion on a toasted bun.

What’s the difference between a Baconator and a son of a Baconator?

Dubbed the Son of Baconator, the burger is exactly what you’d imagine if the Baconator were able to have children. Featuring two 2.25-ounce patties instead of two 1/4-pound patties, the Son of Baconator features all the same ingredients of the original, just in a more compact form.

What kind of cheese is on Baconator fries?

Specifically, the red-headed fast food chain describes the Baconator Fries as, a delicious blend of warm cheddar cheese sauce, freshly cooked Applewood Smoked Bacon and shredded cheddar cheese drizzled over Wendy’s natural-cut fries. In other words, they’re cheese fries.

How is a Baconator made?

The Baconator is a sandwich made by Wendy’s restaurants. It has two beef patties, two slices of American cheese, six strips of bacon, mayonnaise, and ketchup on a bun.

Does Wendys use real eggs?

Does Wendy’s use real eggs? Absolutely. Every breakfast sandwich* that has an egg on it uses freshly-cracked, grade A, honest-to-goodness, from-an-actual-chicken egg. *The Sausage & Egg Burrito is not made to order with a freshly-cracked egg.

Is Wendy’s breakfast sausage pork or beef?

Breakfast Baconator Not to worry, because the square patty here is actually made from sausage, not beef. The other ingredients that are piled in between the glossy, buttery bun include American cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, a fresh-cracked egg, more cheese, and bacon.

Is the breakfast baconator good?

True to its name, there is plenty of bacon to go around on the Breakfast Baconator. Wendy’s has some of the best bacon in the fast food market, in my opinion, and it did not disappoint. The bacon was fairly thick and had a nice, hearty crisp to it. It was smoky and salty, as all good bacon should be.

What is Wendy’s made to crave?

Made to Crave: a menu that unlocks a fresh world of hamburgers and chicken sandwiches packed with craveable, mind blowing, unforgettable flavors. It’s more than just a bacon cheeseburger.

How does Wendys cook their bacon?

Wendy’s on Twitter: @choke_np215 Our bacon is cooked in the oven. / Twitter.

Is there a Triple Baconator?

Wendy’s Triple Baconator features three quarter-pound patties and 12 strips of bacon. … Yes, it has its own Twitter account, where it’s not shy about extolling the power of bacon and smacking down other foods.

How many calories are in a son of a Baconator from Wendy’s?

630 Nutrition Facts

Calories 630 (2636 kJ)
Cholesterol 85 mg 28%
Sodium 1210 mg 50%
Total Carbohydrate 36 g 12%
Dietary Fiber 1 g 4%

Is the breakfast Baconator sausage or beef?

The Breakfast Baconator borrows its bacon identity from the Baconator burger, but not much more. The original includes two quarter pound beef patties, American cheese and six strips of fried cured pork.

What is a breakfast Baconator?

If you’ve never had a Breakfast Baconator, now is the time to give it a try. This savory morning sandwich packs in eggs, six strips of applewood smoked bacon, two slices of American cheese, a sausage patty, a slice of Swiss cheese and, finally, a fluffy bun.

Does Wendy’s have worms in their burgers?

Is there sawdust in McDonald’s hamburgers?

But if you eat at some of the nation’s top fast-food restaurants, you could be eating wood pulp. Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Carl’s Jr. and Wendy’s all have items on their menus that contain this ingredient. … It’s a common food additive, made of tiny pieces of wood pulp and plant fibers.

Does Wendy’s use horse meat in their burgers?

Wendy’s: Wendy’s only uses fresh, 100% North American beef in all restaurants throughout North America. We do not use any horse meat.

Did they make the Baconator smaller?

The Baconator had its first child in 2012 The mini version of the Baconator made you feel a little less guilty than a full Baconator, serving up much less hefty burger patties (two 2.25-ounce beef slabs versus two quarter-pounders) and four instead of six slices of bacon.

What is a bacon King?

Our Bacon King Sandwich features two lb* savory flame-grilled beef patties, topped a with hearty portion of thick-cut smoked bacon, melted American cheese and topped with ketchup and creamy mayonnaise all on a soft sesame seed bun. *Weight based on pre-cooked patty.

How much protein is in a Baconator?


Nutritional value per 1 double sandwich (304 grams)
Fat 62 g
Saturated 25g
Trans 1 g
Protein 60 g

How Wendy’s fries are made?

The fries are sprayed with sodium acid pyrophosphate, a chemical that prevents them from turning brown from two baths in frying oil one at the factory and the other at the store. They’re also dusted with dextrose, a sugar derived from corn, for similar purposes.

Are Wendy’s fries gluten free?

While the fries are gluten free, they are cooked in the same hot oil as the chicken, which is battered and does contain traces of gluten. … Fries are not only the best-selling item on the Wendy’s menu, Li said, but they are the first product sampled by customers from the bag when they leave the drive-thru.

What is the sauce in Wendy’s Pub fries?

The Pub Fries are natural-cut, skin-on, sea-salted fries topped with warm beer cheese sauce, shredded cheddar, and crispy Applewood smoked bacon, according to the Wendy’s website.

How many patties are in a son of a Baconator?

two It’s pretty much the same ingredients but instead of two quarter-pounders, the Son Of Baconator offers two 2.25-ounce patties on one bun. Basically, if you’re having a craving for meat and bacon, but don’t want a the big daddy, the Son Of Baconator is here for you in your time of need.

How do you make a Baconzilla?

How much meat is in a Baconator?

If you haven’t tried it already, a Baconator is made up of a half-pound of beef, American cheese, six pieces of Applewood smoked bacon, along with ketchup and mayo. So if you add it up, both burgers total a full pound of beef and 12 strips of bacon. That’s A LOT of meat.