What is wrong with Billy’s mom?

She suffers from an unnamed mental condition (in her first appearance it’s mentioned she must have forgotten her medicine when she claims she saw Grim) and is overprotective of Billy. She fluctuates between these qualities at an unsettling rapidity, if any at all.

Is Eris Mandy’s mom?

Mandy and Billy are Eris’ children. Billy is chaos and discord in his own way. Billy is actually Mandy’s half-brother, concieved by Eris taking a male form when meeting Gladys.

Who is Mandy’s mom?

Claire Claire is the wife of Phillip and the mother of Mandy.

Who are Mandy’s parents?

Amanda Mandy is an 9-year-old human girl with a sinister, manipulative nature despite her appearance. She lives with her father, Phil, and mother, Claire. …

Occupation Student at Endsville Elementary
Relatives Phil (father), Claire (mother), Jeff the spider (son)
Nationality American
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Who is malaria and grim?

Malaria (aka Goth girl) was a gothic woman who fell in love with Grim in Grim In Love, which was also her only major appearance.

Is Billy’s dad a Navy SEAL?

Harold and Sis’s father appeared during a flashback in the episode Billy Idiot. … According to the episode of Dream Mutt he is a former Navy Seal.

Who is Hoss Delgado based on?

Hoss Delgado’s weapon of choice is based off of Ashley J.Williams’ from the Evil Dead series. His name is a parody of Jose Delgado, also known as Gangbuster in the DC Comics continuity.

Is Mandy Billy’s sister?

During the first few seasons of the show, some fans mistakenly thought that Billy and Mandy were brother and sister. … If Billy and Mandy were siblings, Mandy’s full name would be Amanda Uglio. The show’s description on Netflix has accidentally referred to Billy and Mandy as siblings a few times.

Is Billy’s mom crazy?

Character information Gladys is a frequently recurring character, notable for her unstable and manic behavior. She is the mother of Billy and the wife of Harold.

Who is Mandy’s father DC?

Anyway, Mandy’s dad is obviously Danny Devito.

Where do Billy and Mandy live?

Mandy’s House is where Mandy, Claire, Phillip and her dog, Saliva lives. The house is located in Endsville, next to Billy’s House. Once in a while, Billy and Irwin would go to her house.

Why does Mandy own grim?

He is an undead skeleton personification of Death, who speaks with a Jamaican accent. After having lost to Billy and Mandy after Mandy cheated in a limbo contest over the soul of Mr. Snuggles (and also the soul of Billy himself), Grim is now forced to be their best friend forever.

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How did Billy and Mandy meet?

Billy and Mandy’s first meeting. Billy and Mandy met as babies when he came over to her house, repeatedly ringing her doorbell to annoy her enough to answer. When she did, the first thing she said to him was, Are you some kinda idiot?.

How old is Nergal Jr?


Nergal Junior
Sex Male
Age 35
Species 1/2 Nergaling 1/2 Human
Status Alive

Why is the Grim Reaper Jamaican?

The creators of the show initially wanted Grim to have a Swedish accent, but when his voice actor attempted to do a Swedish accent, he sounded Jamaican. The show’s creators liked it, so they kept it. It’s a pun. Grim is from limbo and Jamaicans are stereotypically good at limbo.

Who is malaria in Billy and Mandy?

Jeannie Elias is the voice of Malaria in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

What episode of Billy and Mandy does Mandy fall in love?

Grim In Love

Grim In Love
Season 1
Production code 205
Writer Gord Zajac
Broadcast information

What is Nergal Billy and Mandy?

Nergal is the main antagonist of the series. He is a demon-like being from the Center of The Earth with snake-like tentacles growing from his back. These tentacles can deliver powerful shocks and act as extra arms. He is named after the Mesopotamian god of death.

What does Billy’s dad do?

Billy’s dad is a first-generation farmer. The family got the land because of mama’s Cherokee heritage. Papa isn’t much of a hunter, so it seems like Billy and he don’t have as much in common as Billy and his grandpa.

Who is Billy’s dad in all American?

Brent Jennings as Willie Baker (season 1; guest season 3), Billy’s father and Olivia and Jordan’s grandfather. Former Beverly Hills Football coach, and raised Billy to become an NFL player, he believed Billy abandoned him after going pro and left Crenshaw.

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Is Delgado nobody born cool?

Nobody Is Born Cool is a meme that was created out of a scene from the Cartoon Network cartoon series The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. In a scene from the episode Irwin Gets a Clue, a character named Hoss Delgado assures Irwin that no one was born cool, except for one person.

What happened to Maxwell Atoms?

In early 2014, Atoms stated that he hopes to get the series released in 2015. This fell through and, in early 2020, Atoms announced that the project is shelved indefinitely and all backers will be refunded due to expensive costs and contractual issues.

What is the black kids name from Billy and Mandy?

Nergal (from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) is a black, shape-shifting entity who wears a suit. All he wants is to be everyone’s friend.

What race is Billy from Billy and Mandy?

Hair color: Orange
Skin color: Pinkish white
Nationality: American
Habitat: Endsville

How old is Mandy grim?

Age: 10
Height: 1ft
Hair color: Blonde
Skin color: White

What episode does Mandy smile?

My Fair Mandy This season includes My Fair Mandy, the only episode in which Mandy willingly smiles, which causes unforeseen and disastrous consequences.

How Old Is Billy and Mandy Show?

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
First shown in June 9, 2000
Original release August 24, 2001 November 9, 2007
Preceded by Billy and Mandy in Trepanation of the Skull and You (1995) Grim & Evil (20012003)