What is the difference between manic and crazed cats?

Manic Cats They are rated Deadly difficulty and have the same schedule as the regular Crazed Stage. The player is guaranteed to unlock their True Form upon completion.

What is the hardest manic stage Battle Cats?

Crazed fish may be the easiest crazed stage for me, but manic island is the hardest manic stage, no doubt.

How much health does manic cat have?


Manic Mohawk Cat
Health Attack Power Attack Range
4,800,000 HP 13,880 damage (23,133 DPS) 240 (Area Attack)
Special Ability

How do you beat manic fish on a cat?

What does Nekoluga evolved into?

Evolution. Evolves into Unknown Cat at level 10. Evolves into Ultralan Pasalan at level 30 using Catfruit.

Who is the best manic cat?

1. Manic eraser takes top, with incredible stats for only 150 cost. He has 18K health at level 20. This is op, making him the best meatsheild in the game.

What is the easiest crazed cat stage?

Crazed Fish Cat Easiest was Crazed Fish Cat. Harder was Crazed Tank or Crazed Titan.

How do you beat JK Bun Bun?

Because he is a Red enemy, any ranged anti-Red units can take him out in a short time. He is still Floating, so you can also use anti-Floating units for him as well. If you have many anti-Red Cats, defeating him may be easier than defeating his original variant.

How do you defeat Jackie Peng in Battle Cats?

After Dubai/Hiroshima, a squad of Normal Cats should be able to hold him off until the Cat Cannon or some other high-power cat finishes him off. Another simple way of dealing with Jackie Peng would be to use fast-attacking cats and defensive cats, for example, Giraffe Cats coupled with Wall Cats.

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How do you beat mania?

When can you upgrade crazed cats to level 30?

rank 1600 At rank 1600, Special Cats can be upgraded to level 30. Once a player has reached the requirement of rewards, there will be a flashing exclamation Pts! sign on the user rank button to notify player there is a reward available.

What traits are crazed cats?

Crazed Cat is a Super Rare Cat unlocked by completing the event stage The Crazed Cat appearing on the 3rd of every month. True Form increases his speed, attack power and health.

How do you get crazed fish Cat?

Crazed Fish Cat is a Super Rare Cat unlocked by completing the event stage The Crazed Fish appearing on the 21st of every month.

How much HP does manic island have?

Event Stages

Manic Island Cat
Health Attack Power Attack Range
227,000 HP 10,200 damage (17,000 DPS) 260 (Area Attack)
Special Ability
3% chance to perform Critical Hits.

How much damage does mythical Titan Cat do?


Titan Cat
Health Attack Power Attack Range
1,000 HP 280 damage (125.37 DPS) 150
Health (Lv.20+90) Attack Power (Lv.20+90) Attack Type
44,500 HP 12,460 damage (5,5791.1 DPS) Area Attack

How do I get epic Catfruit fast?

Epic Catfruit (not Seeds) can be obtained from any Growing stage (except Growing Strange and Growing Evil) at a moderate chance. After completing An Ancient Curse, Epic Catfruit and Epic Catfruit Seeds can be obtained from Growing Epic for a few hours every weekend (see article for schedule).

Is delinquent cat a JoJo reference?

Delinquent Cat is a direct reference to Jotaro Kujo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. … His attack animation is identical to how Jotaro uses his Stand, Star Platinum.

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How good is Shishilan Pasalan?

Shishilan Pasalan gets greatly improved survivability and a slightly quicker attack rate in True Form, meaning its strengthen activation is much more reliable as a result.

How do you evolve a macho cat?

Evolution. Evolves into Macho Cat at level 10. Evolves into Mohawk Cat at level 20+10 using Cat Tickets.

Is crazed tank easier than crazed cat?

crazed tank is like crazed cat, but the supports are all short ranged and they come in waves. crazed gross is semi hard, but can be beaten if you have a catseye maxed paris true formed with some catcombos, or if you have octopus cat, it becomes a breeze.

How do you beat crazed cat no Gacha?

Is Mr A good cat?

Mr. is good at speedily clearing early stages, as he moves slightly faster than Cow Cat and has Area Attack, this also makes him good at treasure collection in early-game. … It is also a useful cat in stages like 4 star Juvenile Killer/Ghostlight Gardens for reaching the base fast.

How much HP does Bun Bun have in Battle Cats?


Teacher Bun Bun
Health Attack Power Movement Speed
99,999 HP 2,250 damage (2,177 DPS) 23
Special Ability

How do you get bahamut in Battle Cats?

Bahamut Cat is a Special Cat that is unlocked by completing Empire of Cats, Chapter 3. In True Form, Bahamut Cat significantly improves his attack power and movement speed, and his range and recharge time are reduced.

What enemies are in rodeo night in Battle Cats?

  • Anti-Traitless Cats.
  • Anti-Red Cats.
  • Anti-Floating Cats.
  • Anti-Angel Cats.
  • Anti-Aku Cats.
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Where does BB Bunny appear?

B.B.Bunny ( Usagin) is a Red enemy that appears in the Main Chapters and Legend Stages.

Which battle cat does the most damage?


Lesser Demon Cat
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range
66,300 HP 63,750 damage (28,125 DPS) 180
Lv.MAX Attack Type
Lv.50+70 Single Target

What chapter is Ururun Wolf?