What is Mandisa story?

The Grammy-winning singer speaks out about the depression she suffered after the loss of a close friend. — Grammy Award-winning singer Mandisa revealed that she fell into such a deep depression three years ago after her dear friend Kisha lost her battle with breast cancer that she almost took her own life.

What happened to Mandisa from American Idol?

Mandisa, who appeared on season five of American Idol, has lost more than 75 pounds. … Mandisa, whose full name is Mandisa Hundley, said that her faith in God has guided her new lifestyle. It’s more than the physical and more than what I am eating. It’s a spiritual change, she said.

Who sings get used to different Mandisa?

GRAMMY Award-winner Mandisa offers up new music in the form of a live video, Get Used To Different featuring Ronnie Freeman with Violin by Bethany Bordeaux The song made its debut during the Christmas With The Chosen special which took place at The Chosen’s stunning Jerusalem set in Utah.

What did Simon Cowell say to Mandisa?

Idol judge Simon Cowell made several comments about Mandisa’s weight after her successful audition. He first quipped, Do we have a bigger stage this year? Then, when Paula Abdul commented that Mandisa had a Frenchie growl to her voice, Cowell responded that a more apt comparison would be to France itself.

Is Mandisa related to Danny Glover?

Hollywood’s Danny Glover is a year older! And here is the heart-melting way his only daughter, Mandisa Glover honored him on social media. … In a lovely post on Instagram, Mandisa shared several snapshots showing treasured moments with her star dad while penning a befitting caption.

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Why did Mandisa gain weight?

But later that year, Mitchell died while pregnant. When she passed away, it shook the foundations underneath me, Mandisa says. I sank into a deep pit of depression. Rather than cope with her emotions, I turned back to my old ways, which is food, says Mandisa, who gained back the 120 lbs.

What song did Mandisa sing on the chosen?

Mandisa’s latest single ‘Get Used to Different’ debuted on the hit TV series about the life of Jesus called The Chosen. The 2020 tv series available to view on its own app is the highest crowd-funded TV series or film project of all time, according to Wikipedia.

How far did Mandisa make it on American Idol?

In 2007, American Idol fans knew the name Mandisa. She finished ninth in Season Five of the reality show, singing everything from Whitney Houston to Gospel.

Did Danny Glover have a son?

Glover began dating Michelle White in 2015. They have three sons, born in early 2016, January 2018, and 2020.

Who is Danny Glover married to?

Eliane Cavalleiro m. 2009 Asake Bomani m. 19752000 Danny Glover / Spouse Glover married Eliane Cavalleiro in 2009. Glover purchased a 6,000-square-foot (560 m2) house in Dunthorpe, Oregon, in 1999.

Who won idol when Daughtry was on?

Taylor Hicks American Idol (season 5)

American Idol
Winner Taylor Hicks
Runner-up Katharine McPhee
Finals venue Kodak Theatre

Where does Jamie Grace live now?

Los Angeles Jamie Grace is a singer, songwriter, musician and actress residing in Los Angeles, California.

What is the meaning of Mandisa?

Sweetness In African Baby Names the meaning of the name Mandisa is: Sweetness. Sweet. (South African).

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How did Mandisa grow up?

Mandisa is the early middle-aged mother of three: Mxolisi, Lunga, and Siziwe. Born in Blouvlei to Mama and Tata, she has one brother Khaya. Mandisa was a respectful, hardworking child and talented student, whose life was first disrupted by her family’s forced relocation to Guguletu, and then by her surprise pregnancy.

Who sang in the chosen Christmas special?

Mandisa The Chosen blew up as families were seeking family friendly entertainment during quarantines. Season 2 is amping up and Mandisa, a Christian recording artist who shot to fame after being on American Idol, authored a song just for the Christmas special that aired December 13th, but is still available to stream!

What is the chosen Christmas special?

Christmas With the Chosen: The Messengers is a direct-to-theaters episode shot entirely in secret and will have a 10-day run. The Chosen, a series on the life of Jesus Christ available free via the app, has become a global phenomenon since its release in 2019, with more than 300 million views in over 190 countries.

How many season of the chosen will there be?

Seven seasons Seven seasons are planned in all. The Chosen is produced by Loaves & Fishes Productions and distributed by Angel Studios.