What is mamajuana good for?

It’s not actually meant for that, though. In fact, the purported health benefits are wide and varied. A glass of mamajuana a day is said to give you an increase in vitality and energy, improve the circulation of your blood, relieve congestion and flu symptoms, and act as a tonic for your kidneys and liver.

What is in a Mama Juana?

  • Mama Juana (or Mamajuana) is a spiced alcoholic beverage made by infusing a mixture of rum, red wine, and honey with tree bark and herbs. …
  • The specific herbs that make up Mamajuana were originally prepared as an herbal tea by the native Tano; post-Columbus, alcohol was added to the recipe.

Is it safe to drink mamajuana?

MamaJuana Strength The combination of the dark rum known in the Dominican as Gasoline mixed with wine and soaked in the bark and herb mixture makes this drink very potent. Ingest it in small shots, and you should limit the number of shots you have. Overconsumption of this beverage can lead to alcohol poisoning.

How do you cure Mama Juana?

Add your own blend of light/dark rum, red wine, and honey into the bottle of cured bark. Most Dominicans mix in about a third rum, two thirds red wine, then a few ounces of honey, but feel free to experiment.

Is Mama Juana similar to Viagra?

The result is an elixir that some say tastes similar to Port or Amaro, but unlike those fabled beverages, Mama Juana promises those who consume it all sorts of incredible benefits, including sexual potency, which has given the drink a nickname of liquid Viagra.

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Is Mama Juana good?

Mamajuana is rumored to help with the flu, digestion, blood circulation, kidney health and liver tonic. … The popular drink inspired a 1950’s song by Jesus Rodriguez called Mama Juana, which Tatico Henriquez sang and made it a hit in the Dominican Merengue scene. It’s most famously known as an aphrodisiac.

What is the best rum for mamajuana?

Most people use dark rum, but the best rum for mamajuana is a toss-up since you won’t be able to tell the difference once it’s infused. As for brand, anything bottom-shelf, but not swill, should do just fine. I like Brugal or Bacardi since they’re easy to get and actually come from the Caribbean.

How many times can you reuse mamajuana?

A: Some people suggest that you should not re-use them more than 4-6 times, while others suggest the longer you reuse them the better they get. The answer is entirely up to you . Once you feel you’ve extracted all the (desirable) taste out of the ingredients, it will be time to start a new batch.

What are the sticks in Mamajuana?

The Famous Dominican Mamajuana which within its properties is said to be a natural aphrodisiac and a healthy drink. Contains many roots, sticks and leaves (like cat’s claw, brazilwood, cissus and canelilla) that provide a very big part of the benefits and flavor.

What is Mamajuana spicy?

Mamajuana Spicy is a highly appreciated liquor of great flavor with its combination of endemic tree bark, leaves, and spices. The perfectly balanced spiced liquor has an exquisite aroma and taste with reminiscence of wood and anise.

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How long is Mama Juana good for?

seven-year Apparently, the roots in mamajuana have a seven-year shelf life, so that the bottle may be refilled over and over again.

Can you put vodka in mamajuana?

Put all of the ingredients in a bottle or a glass jar. Pour over with cheap alcohol (wine, vodka, brandy or gin), seal, and shake a few times. If strong alcohol is used, infuse the mixture in a dark place for 3-5 days. In case you used wine, infuse it for 30 days.

What is the national drink of the Dominican Republic?

Mamajuana Mamajuana, which is often spelled out as two words, is the Dominican national cocktail. In a glass, it exudes smoke, spices, and caramel notes that drop off into an abyss of flavors that include the occasional herbal-sharp, tincture-like edge.

What is Dominican rum?

Dominican Republic- Aged for 23 years in American oak casks, this rum has a deep amber and copper color with an aroma of dried fruits and sweet, toasted breads. On the palate, initial hints of honey, toffee and caramelized sugar lead to subtler notes of almond and vanilla.

What happens old liquor?

Expired alcohol doesn’t make you sick. If you drink liquor after it’s been open for more than a year, you generally only risk a duller taste. Flat beer typically tastes off and may upset your stomach, whereas spoiled wine usually tastes vinegary or nutty but isn’t harmful.

Does mamajuana need to be refrigerated?

Answer: If you are only going to use wine when making your mamajuana liquid then you will definitely need to refrigerate. Most people are not using wine only. Usually a combination of wine and rum (along with ho ey or agave) is used which means the alcohol content is increased keeping your liquid from going bad.

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How do you refill mamajuana?

Start by soaking the roots and twigs for 3 days to 2 weeks in rum or red wine or a combination of both. At the end of that period, throw out the liquid. Then refill with equal amounts of rum and red wine and honey.

How do you drink spicy Mamajuana?

Spicy Mama

  1. 3oz Candela Mamajuana.
  2. 2oz Fresh lemon juice.
  3. 1oz Jalapeo-infused simple syrup** ** It’s actually pretty easy to make at home: half part hot water, half part sugar, add 1 jalapeo and let it cool down for a few minutes.