What is bid wanted in competition?

Bid wanted in competition (BWIC) is a formal request for bids on a package of securities, submitted by an institutional investor to a number of securities dealers. The dealers are being invited to submit bids on the listed securities.

What is Bwic and OWIC?

OWIC. This stands for offers wanted in com- petition and is effectively a BWIC in reverse. Instead of seeking bids, a dealer is asked to buy a portfolio of paper and solicits potential sellers for the best offer.

What does offer Wanted mean?

An indication or announcement that an investor or broker-dealer wishes to buy a certain security at a certain price, especially when there are no current sellers.

What is Bwic?

The term ‘builder’s work in connection’ (BWIC) refers to builder’s work that is necessary as a result of other works, typically mechanical and electrical services but also specialist installations, such as lifts, escalators, roller shutters, hoists and cleaning cradles, and so on.

Where do builders work?

For a builder, work is divided between construction sites and the central office. During a long-term project, they might set up a temporary office on-site to keep a close eye on building progress and the labor crew. This allows them to be nearby, in case the client stops by for a visit or has questions.

What is MEP builders work?

Our MEP services include 2D drafting and detailing, 3D modeling, Reverse engineering, Shop and fabrication drawings, patent drawings, Isometric drawings, as built drawings, mark-up detailing, parametric drawing, assembly drawings, mechanical shop drawing, mechanical cad conversion services, fabrication drawing, …

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What is meant by builders work in construction?

Builder’s work contains different types of wall & slab openings and foundations. After the final co-ordination service drawings of each service like HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and electrical are prepared. Then a combined drawing of all the services are prepared along with Builders Work Drawings.