What is a God’s cake?

Coventry Godcakes are baked puff pastry pasties containing sweet mincemeat, which originate from the city of Coventry, England. … Godcakes are a New Year tradition in the city, and are given by godparents to their godchildren along with a blessing for the year ahead.

What is a God cake Junction?

As highlighted by Baking For Britain, Godcake is also a Warwickshire name for the triangle of grass at a road junction created as the road splits to go left and right.

What is a grassy Godcake?

Godcake: the grassy area left at a junction of two roads where carts used to turn.

How do you make a crystal cake?

What is a triangle with grass in the road called?

Increased traffic (local and HGV) in the pretty village of Hellidon near Daventry, had badly eroded the Godcakes in the road (‘Godcake’ is a local term for the triangle of grass at a road junction at the point where the road splits to go left and right) and as these are considered to be an important and historic …

What is a triangular junction called?

A three-way junction (or three-way intersection) is a type of road intersection with three arms. A Y junction (or Y intersection) generally has three arms of equal size.

What is a Geode cake?

Geode cakes are meant to mimic the natural rock formation, with the baker typically carving out chunks from the cake and filling the cut-outs with edible crystals made out of rock candy or isomalt shards. The crystals are then painted multiple colors to emulate the look of real geodes themselves.

How do you make geodes?

First, you need a rounded shape in which you can mold your hollow rock. The bottom of one of the depressions in a foam egg carton works great. Another option is to set a piece of plastic wrap inside of a coffee cup or paper cup. Mix a small amount of water in with some plaster of Paris to make a thick paste.

What is isomalt sugar?

Isomalt is a sugar substitute made of sugar alcohol instead of real sugar. Because it’s a sugar alcohol, isomalt is sugar-free and lower in calories while still having all of the great similar structures of granulated sugar.

Who has right of way at at Junction?

When emerging from a crossroads, oncoming traffic has right of way over traffic that’s turning right. Even if you don’t have priority, the other driver may want you to proceed before them, so try to watch carefully and work out what they are planning. Crossroads are junctions where two roads cross.

What is the through road?

A road that passes through one or more cities, towns, or villages; especially one which serves as a route for through traffic; a main road within a built-up area.

What are the 3 types of intersections?

The three basic types of intersections are the three-leg or T-intersection (with variations in the angle of approach), the four-leg inter- section, and the multi-leg intersection. Each intersection can vary greatly in scope, shape, use of channelization and other types of traffic control devices.

Which car goes first at a 3 way stop?

The first to arrive, is the first to pass The first car that arrives and stops at the intersection should be the first to advance. When two vehicles arrive at the same time and are next to each other at an intersection, the car that is more to the right is the one that must advance first.

What does Y intersection mean?

Y intersection. One of the intersection traffic signs. There is a three-way intersection up ahead on the road, with all roads being of equal size and importance. Other warning signs.

What is a railway Wye?

In railroad structures, and rail terminology, a wye (like the ‘Y’ glyph) or triangular junction is a triangular joining arrangement of three rail lines with a railroad switch (set of points) at each corner connecting to each incoming line.