What happened to the actor who played Biff?

Career. In 1981, Wilson moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. … Wilson did not reprise his role as Biff in the initial versions of Telltale’s Back to the Future: The Game released in 2011, being replaced by Kid Beyond.

How old is Biff now?

Biff Tannen

Buford Biff Howard Tannen
Biographical information
Age (1955) 18
Age (1985) 48
Age (2015) 78 (Deceased in 2015A)

What is Biff Tannen’s real name?

Thomas F. Wilson Back to the Future Biff Tannen / Played by Biff Howard Tannen is a fictional character in the Back to the Future trilogy. Thomas F.Wilson plays Biff in all three films as well as the Universal Studios ride, and voiced the character in the animated series. Biff is the main antagonist of the first and second films.

Who voices flats in SpongeBob?

Thomas F Wilson is the voice of Flats the Flounder in SpongeBob SquarePants.

Is that Biff on NCIS?

None other than Biff Tannen — Tom Wilson, who played the antagonistic jock in the time-traveling trilogy, will be taking a jab at being a treasure hunt organizer in this episode. In Episode 3, titled ‘Blood and Treasure’, Wilson will play the role of a cult figure in the modern treasure-hunting world.

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How old is Marty Mc Fly?

Marty McFly

Martin Seamus Marty McFly, Sr.
Biographical information
Date of birth June 12, 1968
Age (1985) 17
Age (2015) 47

How did Biff get rich?

Biff becomes rich after he takes the briefcase full of money from Uncle Lou, while he waits for 1958 to bet legally with the sports almanac once he turns 21. Biff buys a car with the money, and tries to bribe Stanford S. Strickland to let him graduate. Strickland gets Biff expelled from Hill Valley High School.

Is Biff Marty’s dad?

In 1985, Biff is George McFly’s biggest problem, but in 1955, Biff becomes the problem of Marty and thanks to time travel, Biff becomes Marty’s same age. … In a flip from the first filmwhere Marty’s father George is Biff’s age Marty’s son, Marty Jr. is exactly Griff’s age.

Who killed George McFly?

Biff George was secretly murdered by Biff in an alleyway on March 15, 1973, as reported on the front page of the following day’s issue of the Hill Valley Telegraph, while en route to receive a book award. He was buried in Oak Park Cemetery.

Who played Buford Tannen?

Thomas F. Wilson Back to the Future Part III Buford Mad Dog Tannen / Played by One notable absence was Thomas F.Wilson, who played Biff, Biff’s grandson Griff, and his great-grandfather Buford Mad Dog Tannen. He’s the third most-important actor in the three movies, after Fox and Lloyd, but he has been reluctant to take part in reunions like this over the past couple of decades.

How did Doc Brown get the letter?

Logically, it’s actually Marty’s return to the 1955 Doc that leads to Doc reading the letter – he _has_ to read it because by 1985 he’s read it, or he would be dead and Marty would never have returned to 1955. The answer is very simple. He never threw it away, he puts the torn up letter into his pocket.

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Is needles related to Biff?

Like his school’s alumnus, Biff Tannen, Needles also has his own gang and develops a rivalry with Marty (although he doesn’t outright bully him like Biff did to George and has no relation to the Tannens). He often goads Marty into doing reckless things, leveraging on Marty’s fear of being labeled as a chicken.

Is Mermaid Man based on Aquaman?

Mermaid Man is a parody of both Aquaman and DC’s flagship character Batman. … Mermaid Man, as well as Barnacle Boy, are both humans, and it has been confirmed that they once lived on land.

Who is Tom Wilson?

Tom Wilson is an actor, artist, comedian, and writer who’s been working in every aspect of popular culture for decades, creating touchstone roles, provocative paintings, and comic commentary every step of the way.

Was Biff from Back to the Future in NCIS?

Someone within the world of NCIS must really love Back to the Future. After all, how do you explain the recent run of guest stars? Christopher Lloyd appeared in the season 17 finale The Arizona, while Tom Wilson is appearing on Tuesday’s Blood and Treasure.

Did Thomas F Wilson guest star on NCIS?

During season 18 of NCIS, fans got a treat when Thomas Wilson made a guest appearance in episode three. … Wilson, who only starred in the single episode, played the role of Angus Demint, the mastermind behind the treasure hunt.

How tall is Marty McFly?

In the cinematic universe of the Back to the Future movies, Marty McFly is recognized as the first human to travel to the past and through time in general. Marty McFly is portrayed by Michael J. Fox with a height of 5’4 (1.63 m).

Is Hill Valley a real place?

Hill Valley is a fictional town in California that serves as the setting of the Back to the Future trilogy and its animated spin-off series. In the trilogy, Hill Valley is seen in four different time periods (1885, 1955, 1985 and 2015) as well as in a dystopian alternate 1985.

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How old is Emmett Brown?

Emmett Brown

Dr. Emmett Lathrop Doc Brown
Biographical information
Age (1985) 71 (game) 65 (novelization) 63 (animation)
Age (2015) 101 (game)95 (novelization)93 (animation)
Physical description

What is Biff short for?

Biff (girl) as a girls’ name (also used as boys’ name Biff) has its root in Hebrew, and the meaning of Biff is God is my oath. Biff is an alternate spelling of Elizabeth (Hebrew).

What year did Doc warn Marty not to go to?

26, 1985: Marty, with the help of young Doc and a lightning strike, returns to the date he left, at 1:24 AM. Oct.21, 2015: Doc warns Marty that there are a few problems with his kids, so they must go to the future to correct a situation.

What was Biff’s car in Back to the Future?

1946 Ford Coupe Biff Tannen’s 1946 Ford Coupe stood as a slightly sinister villain car for the dubious hoodlum who would go on to ruin 1985, as Doc and McFly knew it.

Who killed Biff Tannen?

In Back to the Future: Biff to the Future 6, it is revealed that Biff is instead killed by his great-grandfather, Buford Tannen, after Doc Brown sends him back to 1884.

Why is Biff Tannen evil?

His Evil Ranking He used the Sports Almanac to bet on the results of sporting events and win money from knowing the winners. He took over Hill Valley with his immense wealth, including buying the law enforcement. He polluted the entirely of Hill Valley. He murdered George McFly to marry his widow Lorraine.

How did Doc Brown and Marty meet?

He met his friend Dr. Emmett Doc Brown when he was around fourteen after hearing that Brown was a dangerous lunatic. … He snuck into Doc’s lab and was fascinated by all his inventions. When Doc caught him, he was glad to have someone who liked his work and their friendship started there.

Was Clara Clayton a real person?

Clara Clayton was born on October 25, 1855, in New Jersey, the daughter of Daniel and Martha Clayton. Her uncle, Ulysses S. Clayton, was a general in the American Civil War. … On September 4, 1885, Clara moved out to Hill Valley, California, taking up a job as a schoolteacher.

What was George McFly eating?

George McFly eating a bowl of Rice Krispies at Lou’s Cafe on the morning of November 5, 1955. Rice Krispies was a breakfast cereal manufactured by Kellogg’s. …

Did George know Marty was his son?

Bear in mind that George and Lorraine only knew Marty/Calvin for eight days when they were 17, and they did not even see him every one of those eight days, he pointed out. Gale continued: So, many years later, they still might remember that interesting kid who got them together on their first date.