What happened to Lynn henthorn?

An Unusual Accident According to Harold Henthorn, Lynn went underneath the car to retrieve a lug nut that she dropped. At the same time, he said he threw the flat tire into the trunk of the Jeep, causing the car to fall off the jack and crush Lynn. She later died in the hospital.

Who killed Toni bertolet?

Harold Henthorn Harold Henthorn was convicted and sentenced to life in a federal prison in late 2015 in the murder of his wife, Toni Bertolet Henthorn. He had argued in his appeal that the judge should not have allowed evidence in the death of his first wife, Sandra Lynn Henthorn.

Who killed Lynn henthorn?

Harold Henthorn was found guilty last year of wife Toni’s death.

Who has custody of Haley henthorn?

Haley Henthorn, 10, is now under permanent guardianship by Toni’s brother, Barry Bertolet and his wife Paula. It’s probably the best Christmas present that anybody can get, Barry said. Barry, a physician in Mississippi, hopes that Haley’s arrival will allow the girl a fresh start after a period of tragedy.

Where did Toni Henthorn live?

To one cop, Harold said that they were driving east. To another he said west. To one cop, Harold said he and Lynn ate dinner at a nearby restaurant just prior to the accident. To another he said they were on their way to the restaurant.

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