What happened to Billie Lee?

Lee, 36, confirmed her exit from the Bravo series in July 2019, writing in an emotional blog post that she realized that SUR was no longer right for me. While the outspoken activist claimed at the time that she resigned on her own terms, she revealed on a recent episode of the I Feel Tried podcast that she was …

Does Billy still work at Sur?

The update comes months after Raquel Leviss confirmed she’s Vanderpump Rules newest SURver. Billie Lee has confirmed that she no longer works at SUR.

Is Billie from Vanderpump Rules a man?

Billie Lee became the first out transgender star of Vanderpump Rules, and indeed of the entire Bravo network during her two years on the show.

Is Peter still manager at Sur?

Peter is still working as a manager at the SUR restaurant, but has always stayed on the outskirts when it comes to filming. He previously has said filming has been a major part of his life, and said his birthday would always be shown on Bravo cameras.

Is Billie in Season 8 of vanderpump rules?

Vanderpump Rules viewers were shocked when season 8 kicked off and fan fave hostess Billie Lee was nowhere to be found.

Does Peter and Vail date?

How Does Vail & Peter’s Date Go On ‘Vanderpump?’ … On Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules , Vail and Peter go on a date, making this what I believe to be the sixth internal staff coupling the show has featured alone (that’s not counting all of the dating that goes on behind the scenes).

What is Tom Sandoval salary?

Tom Sandoval’s current net worth is around $5 million, and is believed to be the richest cast member on the Bravo show. He earns $25,000 per episode of Vanderpump Rules as a main cast member.

How much does Sur make a year?

I know I do. It’s hard to say for certain exactly how much the establishment makes per year, but according to Manta, a web directory of small businesses, the SUR restaurant earns an estimated annual revenue of $1 to 2.5 million, while employing around 20 to 49 staff members.