What happened to Bill Donohue?

In 1977, he took a teaching position at La Roche College in McCandless, Pennsylvania. In 1980, he received his doctorate in sociology from New York University. Donohue is divorced and has two adult children from his marriage.

Who is William Donahue?

Bill Donahue is a retired lieutenant general for the United States Air Force who transformed networks and communications during his long career. During his active-duty career, Donahue led the Internet and information technology transformation in the Air Force. …

What countries made up the Catholic League?

To the west, the Spanish army aligned with the so-called Catholic League, nation-states in present-day Germany, Belgium and France, who supported Ferdinand II.

What was the purpose of the Catholic League?

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, often shortened to the Catholic League, is an American Catholic organization whose stated purpose is to defend the right of Catholics lay and clergy alike to participate in American public life without defamation or discrimination. The Catholic League states …

What countries backed the Protestant Union?

Members of the Protestant Union included the Palatinate, Neuburg, Wrttemberg, Baden-Durlach, Ansbach, Bayreuth, Anhalt, Zweibrcken, Oettingen, Hesse-Kassel, Brandenburg, and the free cities of Ulm, Strasbourg, Nuremberg, Rothenburg, Windsheim, Schweinfurt, Weissenburg, Nrdlingen, Schwbisch Hall, Heilbronn, …

What toll did the Thirty Years War take on Germany?

The Thirty Years’ War took an immense human toll, with significant, long-lasting impacts on marriage and birth rates. Historical sources suggest, for example, that the Swedish army alone destroyed 2,200 castles, 18,000 villages and 1,500 towns in Germany, wiping one-third of the country’s towns from the map.

Who commanded the army of the Catholic League?

Johann Tserclaes Catholic League (German)

Catholic League
Military leader Johann Tserclaes (161032)Johann von Aldringen (163234)
Dates of operation July 10, 1609 May 30, 1635
Merged into Imperial Army
Allegiance Holy Roman Empire Catholic church

Who was the leader of the Huguenots?

Paul Rabaut, (born Jan. 29, 1718, Bdarieux, Francedied Sept. 25, 1794, Nmes), Protestant minister and Reformer who succeeded Antoine Court (16961760) as the leader of the Huguenots (French Protestants).

Why did France join the Protestant League?

No longer able to tolerate the encirclement of two major Habsburg powers on its borders, Catholic France entered the Thirty Years’ War on the side of the Protestants to counter the Habsburgs and bring the war to an end.

Who led the Catholic League?

Catholic League, German Katholische Liga, a military alliance (160935) of the Catholic powers of Germany led by Maximilian I, duke of Bavaria, and designed to stem the growth of Protestantism in Germany.