What happened to Ali Bongo?

On 29 November 2018 Bongo was transferred to a military hospital in Rabat to continue recovery. On 9 December 2018 it was reported by Gabon’s Vice President Moussavou that Bongo suffered a stroke in Riyadh and has since left the hospital in Rabat and is currently recovering at a private residence in Rabat.

Who is the president of Le Gabon?

President of Gabon

President of the Gabonese Republic
Incumbent Ali Bongo Ondimba since 16 October 2009
Residence Presidential Palace, Libreville
Term length 7 years
Formation 17 August 1960

Is Gabon safe for tourists?

Gabon is, overall, not that safe to visit. If you decide to go to Gabon, you should be aware that crime, poor road conditions, interruptions to power, and poor water quality are just some of the things tourists will have a problem with.

What religion is Gabon?

The Episcopal Conference of Gabon estimates approximately 80 percent of the population is Christian. Of the Christian population, approximately two-thirds is Roman Catholic and one-third Protestant, which includes evangelical and awakening churches.

Is Gabon a rich country?

Gabon is an upper-middle-income country. The fifth largest oil producer in Africa, it has had strong economic growth over the past decade, driven by its production of oil and manganese. The oil sector has accounted for 80% of exports, 45% of GDP, and 60% of fiscal revenue on average over the past five years.

Who was Gabon first president?

Lon M’ba
Lon M’ba in 1964
1st President of Gabon
In office 12 February 1961 28 November 1967
Vice President Paul-Marie Yembit Albert-Bernard Bongo
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Is Gabon a West African country?

Gabon, country lying on the west coast of Africa, astride the Equator. A former French colony, Gabon retains strong ties to France and to the French language and culture. The capital is Libreville.

Is English spoken in Gabon?

French is the official language in Gabon, however 32% of the people speak Fang as a mother tongue.

What is the safest country in Africa?

Mauritius Mauritius is considered to be the safest country in Africa. In fact, its global rank is high in the Peace Index. This makes sense then, as tourism is one of Mauritius’s biggest industries. The country has many beautiful attractions and is considered to be a tropical paradise.

Is Gabon poor?

Gabon is one of Africa’s richest countries, but many of its citizens are among the poorest a malady common in countries rich with natural resources. Its tiny population of 1.9 million and huge oil wealth mean in 2015 it had a GDP per capita of about $8,300 (6,446), one of the highest in the continent.

Is Gabon better than Nigeria?

Gabon is more developed than Nigeria according to UN development index. A recent global human development index report by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) rated Gabon above Nigeria. … While Nigeria ranked 152 the position it occupied last year, Gabon was placed at 109.

Why is Gabon poor?

It is one of Africa’s richest countries because of its natural resources: however, one-third of Gabon’s citizens live below the poverty line, and the unemployment rate is 20 to35 percent among young people. … The declining oil reserves and prices are one reason why Gabon is poor.

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Is Gabon a good place to live?

Unlike many other African nations in the vicinity, Gabon enjoys a relatively stable political system, as well as prosperous economy. In spite of this, many Gabonese people still live in poverty. However, the relative safety of the nation is a plus for any expatriates thinking of living in Gabon.

How did France colonize Gabon?

French colonial period In 1838 and 1841, France established a protectorate over the coastal regions of Gabon by treaties with Gabonese coastal chiefs. French explorers penetrated Gabon’s dense jungles between 1862 and 1887.

What country in Africa speaks Spanish?

Republic of Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea

Republic of Equatorial Guinea Repblica de Guinea Ecuatorial (Spanish) Rpublique de Guine quatoriale (French) Repblica da Guin Equatorial (Portuguese)
Largest city Bata
Official languages Spanish Portuguese French
Spoken languages show List

What is Togo religion?

Almost half of the population is Christian, many of whom are Roman Catholic, although there are also substantial Protestant, independent, and other Christian communities. Since independence, the Roman Catholic Church in Togo has been headed by a Togolese archbishop.

What religion is Cameroon?

Christianity is the predominant religion in Cameroon with significant minorities of the adherents of Islam and traditional faiths.

How many Muslims are there in Gabon?

approximately 30,000 Today the Muslim population of Gabon is approximately 30,000. Of these the majority (abour 27,000) are expatriates from different Muslim countries and only 3,000 are indigenous Muslims.

Which country is the richest in Africa?

Nigeria Nigeria is the richest and most populous country in Africa. … Richest African Countries by GDP

  • Nigeria – $514.05 billion.
  • Egypt – $394.28 billion.
  • South Africa – $329.53 billion.
  • Algeria – $151.46 billion.
  • Morocco – $124 billion.
  • Kenya – $106.04 billion.
  • Ethiopia – $93.97 billion.
  • Ghana – $74.26 billion.
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What is the poverty rate in Gabon?

32.20% Gabon poverty rate for 2017 was 32.20%, a 23.9% decline from 2005. Gabon poverty rate for 2005 was 56.10%, a 56.1% increase from .

Is Zambia South Africa?

Zambia, landlocked country in south-central Africa. It is situated on a high plateau and takes its name from the Zambezi River, which drains all but a small northern part of the country. … The Victoria Falls Bridge across the Zambezi River, connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe.