What happened Glenn Helzer?

Corrections Lt. Sam Robinson said Helzer used a sheet tied to his cell bars to hang himself. He was found dead during a security check at around 10.17pm. An earlier suicide attempt two years ago had left the 41-year-old death row inmate blind.

Who are the children of thunder?

Glenn, Justin, and Dawn are the Children of Thunder. The believed Glenn was a religious warrior. On Memorial Day 1999, Dawn met the brothers at a murder mystery dinner at a Mormon Temple in Walnut Creek, CA.

Who killed Jennifer Villarin?

Glenn Helzer Glenn Helzer, a self-described prophet on a crusade to save the world from Satan, then shot and killed Selina Bishop’s mother, Jennifer Villarin, 45, and her boyfriend James Gamble, 54.

Who is Elvin Bishop daughter?

Selina Bishop Elvin Bishop / Daughters SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) — Body parts in duffel bags pulled from a California river have been tentatively identified as those of Selina Bishop, the 22-year-old daughter of blues guitarist Elvin Bishop, and an elderly couple reported missing on August 3, officials said Wednesday.

What happened to Elvin Bishops wife?

Concord police investigators said they suspect the deaths are linked to the slayings of Elvin Bishop’s ex-wife, Jennifer Villarin, 45, and James Gamble, 54, her boyfriend. Villarin and Gamble were shot to death Aug. 3 in Selina Bishop’s studio apartment.

Where does Elvin Bishop live now?

San Francisco Bishop is known for his sense of humor, his unique style of slide guitar and a fusion of blues, gospel, R&B and country flavors. He lives with his family in the San Francisco area and continues to tour in the U.S. and abroad.