What does lunchbox mean in slang?

lunchbox (plural lunchboxes) A container for transporting meals, especially lunch. (slang) A person or object constantly at one’s side (in the manner of a lunchbox). (British slang) The male genitals when enclosed in clothing.

Is Lunchbox married?

Happy Anniversary! Lunchbox and his wife have been together for four years now. … He commemorated the sweet moment with an Instagram post sharing a photo on their wedding day of Lunchbox smashing cake into his wife’s face, the caption read: 4 Years of marriage and there is nobody I would rather smash cake in their face!

How much does lunchbox cost?

Lunchbox pricing starts at $300.00 per month. They do not have a free version. Lunchbox does not offer a free trial.

Who is lunchbox from the Bobby Bones Show?

Dan Chappell Bobby Bones is accompanied by co-hosts Lunchbox (Dan Chappell) and Amy (Moffett-Brown), along with sidekicks Eddie (Garcia), Raymundo (Raymond Slater), Mike D. (Deestro), Morgan #2 (Huelsman), and Utility Hillary (Borden).

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Why is it called lunchbox?

Around the 1880s, school children who wanted to emulate their daddies fashioned similar caddies out of empty cookie or tobacco tins. According to the timeline, the first commercial lunch boxes, which resembled metal picnic baskets decorated with scenes of playing children, came out in 1902.

What is a lunchbox person?

(British slang) The male genitals when enclosed in clothing. … (slang) A person or object constantly at one’s side (in the manner of a lunchbox).

Who is Caitlin Parker?

Caitlin Claire Parker is a famous Television personality, actress, or also Social media Influencer. Her Latest News is She recently got married to a famous celebrity and winner of the American reality show name Bobby Bones. She started her career after she graduates she is raised up in an American family.

Did lunchbox Wife Have Baby?

Lunchbox’s wife gave birth to the couple’s third child on Monday evening. BabyBox3 arrived last night happy & healthy! Lunchbox wrote on social media Tuesday. Very excited to have me as a DAD! The couple has not revealed the baby’s gender or name.

Was lunchbox in Bobby’s wedding?

Bobby Bones and his fianc Caitlin’s wedding is coming up in a few months and the excitement for the big day is real. … Some fans are so excited that they’ve reached out to Lunchbox trying to find ways into the wedding. Lunchbox said he was offered $1,000 by a couple to get snuck into the wedding.

What size are lunchboxes?

Larger lunchboxes measure about 10 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 10 inches high, which is roomy enough to transport a large meal or several small ones. Smaller lunch boxes are 9 inches long, 5 inches wide, and 9 inches high, enough for an average-size lunch.

Does Dollar Tree have lunch boxes?

Backpacks & Lunch Boxes from $3 at Dollar Tree Disney, L.O.L. Surprise & More Hip2Save.

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Are bento boxes Japanese?

Spend any time around Japanese culture, and you’re sure to find out more about what is in a traditional bento box. This staple in Japan is seen throughout the country and includes a full meal.

Why was Lunchbox in jail?

Daniel Chappell was arrested and charged with making a terroristic threat and could face up to a year in jail. … The gag was to gauge the reaction of people who think they’re going to be robbed. ‘Lunchbox’ is no longer on the air.

What is Lunchbox’s baby’s name?

Lunchbox shared the news on Instagram with never-before-seen photos of Baby Box 2. Their second child’s name is Maddox.

How did Bobby bones meet Lunchbox?

No prior radio experience. Bones met Lunchbox at an Austin bar. Lunchbox (real name Dan Chappell) was delivering food for Jason’s Deli at the time. He’s been working with Bones for 10 years.

Who made the lunchbox?

American Thermos Bottle Co. The American Thermos Bottle Co.of Norwich, CT, later named King Seeley Thermos or KST, produced the first metal lunch box for kids in 1920 as a vehicle for their vacuum bottles.

What is a Japanese bento box?

A bento box is a reusable Japanese-style lunch box that typically holds a single portion meal consisting of a main dish and some sides.

Is Lunchbox one word or two words?

a small container, usually of metal or plastic and with a handle, for carrying one’s lunch from home to school or work. Also called lunchpail, lunchbucket [luhnch-buhk-it].

What rancher means?

Definition of rancher : one who owns or works on a ranch.

What does scrunch mean in English?

1 : to move with or make a crunching sound. 2 : crouch, hunch also : squeeze.

What do British people call lunch boxes?

More than any other word, tiffin, meaning lunch or any light meal, evokes British India.

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Who did Caitlin Parker marry Bobby Bones?

Radio host Bobby Bones and Caitlin Parker have tied the knot. The 41-year-old American Idol mentor and Parker, 29, hosted an intimate wedding on Saturday at their Nashville home surrounded by close friends and family.

Where is Bobby Bones getting married?

Nashville American Idol’s Bobby Bones and Caitlin Parker are married. The couple married Saturday, July 17, in their Nashville home, the very place where Bones, 41, proposed to Parker, 29, in October 2020. We love home.

How much money does Bobby Bones make?

Bobby Bones Net Worth

Net Worth: $7 Million
Salary: $1 Million
Date of Birth: Apr 2, 1980 (41 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Radio personality

What was the gender of Lunchbox baby?

As most know, Lunchbox and his wife didn’t find out the gender of their first born until the birth, just as they did for their second child. When Lunchbox called in, he shared that their second child is a baby boy. That makes two baby boys in the Lunchbox household.

Who is Amy on The Bobby Bones Show?

Amy Brown Amy Brown is co-host of The Bobby Bones Show, iHeartMedia’s award-winning Country radio show.

Who are Raymundo’s groomsmen?

First, he announced that Bobby Bones was another groomsmen and tossed him a sparkling grapefruit can to chug. Bones accepted. Then Raymundo pulled a fast one on everyone and announced the last groomsman sharing that it was Eddie. This means that Bobby, Lunchbox, and Eddie will all be part of Raymundo’s big day.

Who is Bobby Bones engaged to?

Caitlin Parker Country-music DJ and reality-TV star Bobby Bones and his fiancee Caitlin Parker were married Saturday at their Nashville home. Greatest night of my life.

What did Amy Brown’s daughter steal?

Bobby Bones and Caitlin’s wedding was filled with many exciting things.