What does it mean to be called beloved?

Your beloved is someone you love. You can also talk about a beloved pet or possession.

Is it correct to say beloved?

As Jim noted, the word is sometimes pronounced with two syllables (be-luv’d) and sometimes with three (be-luv-ed).

What is difference between loved and beloved?

The main difference between beloved and loved is that the adjective beloved is more intense than the adjective loved and is used to describe someone we love deeply. … We can generally use these adjectives interchangeably. However, beloved is more dearly and intense than loved.

How do you use the word beloved?

Beloved sentence example

  1. But he was much beloved by his family. …
  2. My beloved Betsy, my world, was in his hands. …
  3. I also knew Mr. …
  4. I had made my beloved poet weep, and I was greatly distressed. …
  5. Her beloved walls stood strong and beautiful, the white stone streaked with peach.

What does my beloved wife mean?

2 a person who is dearly loved, such as a wife or husband. wife n. esposa.

Does beloved mean dead?

Meaning of beloved in English. loved very much: Her beloved husband died last year.

Do you say beloved by or beloved of?

Normally, beloved is pronounced in three syllables: be-lov-ed. However when followed by by, it is pronounced in two syllables: be-loved. Thus, one says our be-lov-ed grandfather but They are be-loved by everyone.

What is a beloved friend?

UK /blvd/a beloved friend, object etc is one that you love very much. This word is sometimes used humorously to say that someone likes something too much. He’s cleaning his beloved motorbike.

What is the meaning of beloved family?

n. 2 a person who is dearly loved, such as a wife or husband. run in the family exp.

What’s the difference between beloved and dearest?

As nouns the difference between beloved and dearest is that beloved is someone who is loved; something that is loved while dearest is a beloved person; a term of endearment.

When should I use beloved?

Beloved should only be used in formal writing / poetry or when you are writing a very serious love letter. In any other context (for example, in modern day conversation) it can sound cheesy or archaic if not used carefully.

What is the meaning of beloved husband?

2 a person who is dearly loved, such as a wife or husband. husband n. marido, esposo.

What kind of word is beloved?

adjective Beloved can be a noun or an adjective – Word Type.

What is the sentence of wife?

You can, however, say: She would be my wife. If you would be my wife, I’d be the happiest man in the world.

Is beloved romantic?

If you’re looking for a sweet romance in Beloved, good luck. Sure, there’s a major relationship in the book that seems to end happily, but for the most part, love is just really messy. … If you want to read about the kind of love that will make you shake, shiver, and cry, then Beloved is for you.

What does Beloved mean in love?

‘Beloved’ refers to a person dearly loved, it is a singular word generally used to refer to romantic associations. ‘Loved ones’ refers to more than one person, like friends and family or both combined. It is used to refer to near and dear ones, may or may not include a significant other.

What is a beloved brother?

2 a person who is dearly loved, such as a wife or husband.

What is the plural form of beloved?

noun, plural beloveds literary [count]

What does Aimee mean?

beloved Aime, often unaccented as Aimee, is a feminine given name of French origin, translated as beloved. The English equivalent is Amy.

What is Bilobes?

: divided into two lobes a bilobed nucleus.

What does the word bellowed?

1 : to make the loud deep hollow sound characteristic of a bull. 2 : to shout in a deep voice. transitive verb. : bawl bellows the orders.