What does it mean to be ballin?

(African American Vernacular, slang) Having an ostentatiously wealthy lifestyle.

What does it mean to be ballin out?

ball out. 1. A misspelling of bawl out, meaning to scold or reprimand someone in a harsh, forceful manner. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between ball and out. The teacher balled us out when she caught us cheating on the test. I got balled out by my mother for staying out past curfew.

Where did the term Ballin come from?

Around the same time the song came out, the expression ballin’ the jack was used by railroad workers to mean going at full speed. ‘The ‘Jack’ was the slang name for a railroad locomotive, and balling meant going at high speed, itself derived from the ball type of railroad signal in which a high ball meant a clear …

What is a baller in Slang?

What does baller mean? A baller can refer to a great basketball player or a lavishly successful person. It can also describe someone or something as excellent, especially in some spectacular way. The term is often pronounced and written as balla in African American Vernacular English.

What is BAE in texting?

Bae, for example, is a term of endearment that is either short for baby or an acronym for before anyone else.

What are the most popular slang words?


  • Dope – Cool or awesome.
  • GOAT – Greatest of All Time
  • Gucci – Good, cool, or going well.
  • Lit – Amazing, cool, or exciting.
  • OMG – An abbreviation for Oh my gosh or Oh my God
  • Salty – Bitter, angry, agitated.
  • Sic/Sick – Cool or sweet.
  • Snatched – Looks good, perfect, or fashionable; the new on fleek

How do you ball a jack?

[T] the words of Ballin’ the Jack constitute capsule choreography: First you put your two knees close up tight / Then you sway ’em to the left, then you sway ’em to the right / Step around the floor kind of nice and light / Then you twis’ around and twis’ around with all your might / Stretch your lovin’ arms straight …

What does Ballin mean in Irish?

Meaning: Town/Homestead. Bally can very simply be traced back to the word Baile meaning homestead or town.

What is a baller girl?

The Fantasy Girl That can be anyone from a Vixen to a curvacious BBW. Like all men, Ballers have fetishes and fantasies. Some love light skin, some love dark skin, some love full figured women, some want white women. These are the women that they’ve likely been attracted to long before the money.

What is a baller job?

Originally used to reference a street basketball player who makes it big and goes pro now it is used to reference just about anyone who is extremely proficient at the game whether business or sports. Steve Jobs was a baller.

What makes you a baller?

The original definition in urbandictionary.com says a baller is a thug who escaped the mean streets to become a multimillionaire athlete, typically as a basketball star. The expanded definition includes anyone with a highly developed skill set, plus a proficiency at the game of life. Call it style, panache, cool.

What is a boo?

Boo is defined as a term of endearment for a boyfriend or girlfriend, a sound make to show disapproval of something that was said, or is slang for marijuana. An example of a boo is what a boy might call his girlfriend that he loves very much.

What does BF4L stand for?


Acronym Definition
BF4L Best Friends for Life

What does Hess stand for?


Acronym Definition
HESS Health, Environment,Safety, Security
HESS History of the Earth-Sciences Society
HESS High Latitude Ecosystems as Sources and Sinks of Trace Gases
HESS Horizon Extension Sensor System (Office of Naval Research)

What does YEET mean in 2021?

Yeet. This refers to throwing something away from yourself at high velocity. If someone chucks their water bottle across the room into their bag, they’ve yeeted it. This action is sometimes accompanied by said person yelling YEET! as they throw it.

What are 2021 slang words?

Okay, Boomer, now try not to feel too old as you make your way through our guide for the top 2021 teen slang words and phrases.

  • Extra. This is another way of saying that someone or something is too much or over the top. …
  • Salty. …
  • Snatched. …
  • Yeet. …
  • Big yikes. …
  • Finsta. …
  • Periodt. …
  • Flex.

How do you say someone is cool?

41 alternatives to the word ‘cool’

  1. Astonishing.
  2. Bewitching.
  3. Brilliant.
  4. Captivating.
  5. Charming.
  6. Copacetic.
  7. Delightful.
  8. Dashing.