What does it mean kicking butt?

US, informal + sometimes impolite. 1 : to attack and injure someone severely Some drunk threatened to kick his butt.

Is kickass a bad word?

1. verb, rude slang To defeat someone or something decisively. verb, rude slang To be very effective or successful. …

What does National kick Butt Day mean?

National Kick Butt Day is observed annually on the second Monday in October. This is a day to give yourself a kick in the seat of the pants. The day aims to motivate marketers, advertisers and those in the business world to work smarter and harder toward their goals.

What’s another word for kick butt?

Kick-ass synonyms In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for kick-ass, like: badass, , high-octane, bad-ass, spiffing, full-on and straight-up.

Is there a national butt cheek day?

It’s Dog Those Buttcheeks day on the 27th of August.

How do you celebrate National Kick Butt Day?

National Kick Butt Day Activities

  1. Throw a party that kicks butt. We’re not just talking about an awesome party but a party for like-minded people who share similar goals. …
  2. Kick butt on social media. Post what you’re doing on social media; use #nationalkickbuttday. …
  3. Start a planner.

What’s a synonym for badass?

agitator, rebel, demagogue, dissident, fighter, frondeur, renegade, sparkplug.

What are synonyms for badass?


  • agitator.
  • rebel.
  • demagogue.
  • dissident.
  • fighter.
  • frondeur.
  • renegade.
  • sparkplug.
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