What does beat on you mean?

(beat on someone) to hurt someone by hitting them a lot of times. According to the witness, the police ran up and started beating on him. Synonyms and related words. To hit a person.

Has beat meaning?

adj. 1 defeated or baffled. 2 shaped or made thin by hammering.

What does it mean when you beat something?

transitive verb. If you beat someone or something, you hit them very hard.

Is beat informal?

Informal. to defeat; win or be chosen over: to beat out the competition. Carpentry. to cut (a mortise).

Did I beat you meaning?

phrase. If you intend to do something but someone beats you to it, they do it before you do. Don’t be too long about it or you’ll find someone has beaten you to it. See full dictionary entry for beat.

Is beat up meaning?

verb. (tr, adverb) to strike or kick (a person), usually repeatedly, so as to inflict severe physical damage. beat oneself up informal to reproach oneself.

What does it mean if a girl is beat?

beat. Extremely ugly; probably derived from beat with the ugly stick Man, I thought she’d have some hot friends, but boy, were they beat!

What is beat slang for?

In slang Beat can be used as a verb or adjective, and surprisingly it is about beauty and makeup. The verb to beat refers to the application of one’s makeup. As an adjective beat means someone either applied their makeup well, or just applied a lot of it. For example: – You face looks beat!

Does beat mean win?

Beat and win are two words that are used in the team as well as individual games and sport. Both convey the same meaning of winning but make non-natives confused as to which one to use in a context. … If you are playing a game of chess with your brother, you win the game or beat your brother.

What does IM beat mean?

Meaning/Usage: Very tired. Explanation: Beat can mean to lose. It can also mean to be hit over and over again. When someone loses or they are hit over and over again, they are either mentally tired or physically tired.

What does kinda beat mean?

n. [in music] the rhythm, especially the bass. Man, that is just the kind of beat I like.

What is a beat man?

Definition of beat man : a reporter with a regular beat.

Where do you use beat?

Examples of beat in a Sentence Verb He beat the dust out of the rug with a stick. She used a hammer to beat the metal into shape. She used a hammer to beat the nail into the wall. The dented metal was beaten flat.

What is example of beat?

An example of beat is the beating of a heart. An example of beat is the rhythmic noise played on a drum. An example of a beat is the tempo at which a conductor leads an orchestra to play. The definition of beat is someone or something that is extremely tired and/or worn out.

What is the synonym of the word beat?

defeat, conquer, win against, get the better of, vanquish, trounce, rout, overpower, overcome, overwhelm, overthrow, subdue, quash, crush. informal lick, thrash, whip, wipe the floor with, clobber.

How do you say beat someone?

  1. beat,
  2. hit,
  3. strike,
  4. knock,
  5. assault,
  6. smash,
  7. punch,
  8. belt (informal),

What is the best definition for beat?

Beat can mean hit repeatedly, stir vigorously, or defeat. A beat can also be a rhythmic pulse, a physical blow, or a funky poet. In terms of number of definitions, it’s hard to beat this little word. Along with its many definitions, beat is featured in a wide variety of idioms.

What does it mean to have someone beat?

slang A response when one does not know the answer to a question. A: How long has this milk been in the fridge? B: It’s got me beat. Check the expiration date. When’s Ali’s birthday? Got me beat! You got me beatI have no idea how to get to the mall from here.

Is beat up correct?

This is the British English definition of beat up. View American English definition of beat up. … beat up Definitions and Synonyms.

present tense
he/she/it beats up
present participle beating up
past tense beat up
past participle beaten up

What does it mean when a girl says beat me up?

verb To criticize someone harshly and/or continually. In this usage, the phrase is often followed by on. Mom, I know you’re disappointed in Stephanie’s grades, but quit beating up on hershe feels bad enough as it is. … The phrase is typically hyphenated before a noun.

Is it beat up or beaten up?

Beat up is an idiomatic expression requiring both words in the phrase. Otherwise, beat would mean bested in a contest of rivals. Beaten is the past participle of to beat.

What does Snapchat beat mean?

BFs Emoji on Snapchat A smiling face is the Best Friends or BFs Emoji on Snapchat. It means they are one of your eight Best Friends on the platform.

Why is makeup called Beat?

According to makeup artist Tatiana Ward, the term came from drag queen culture and has been around since the ’70s. To beat your face refers to doing your makeup flawlessly, from foundation to contour to lashes, to achieve a look that is almost transformational. The goal of the full beat is glam.

Is beat a slang?

This slang term isn’t as aggressive as it sounds. Beat can be used as a verb or adjective, and it’s all about beauty. To beat is to apply makeup, and if someone is described as being beat, it means they either applied their makeup well, or just applied a lot of it.

What slang did the beats use?

The Beat authors borrowed much from the jazz/hipster slang of the 1940s, peppering their works with words such as square, cats, cool and dig.

What does the term best girl mean?

Definition of best girl : a favorite girl sweetheart.

How do you use beat and win?

Is it beat or beet?

The noun beat refers to a blow, a sound, a pronounced rhythm, or an habitual path or round of duty. The noun beet refers to a plant with a purplish red root that’s used as a vegetable.

What is the difference between beat and defeat?

In most cases, the verb beat is a close synonym for defeat, but defeat is more formal (you can beat or defeat someone in a game, but a nation defeats another in war). As a verb, defeat can also mean to thwart or prevent something from happening, but this is less commonly used.