What did the Joker do to Alicia?

He also turns Alicia into one of his masterpieces by disfiguring her face and drugging her into submission; she eventually commits suicide. Joker also becomes obsessed with photographer Vicki Vale (Kim Basinger), and attacks her while she meets with her boyfriend, billionaire Bruce Wayne – Batman’s alter ego.

What happened to Alicia’s face in Batman?

Sadly, one side of her beautiful blonde and blue-eyed facial features were scarred after the Joker had thrown acid at her in order to turn her into a ‘living work of art’, prompting her to conceal her face for the rest of her short life behind a porcelain mask.

Is Alicia Harley Quinn?

Alicia is retroactively similar to Harley Quinn, as both are blonde paramour/accomplices of the Joker. Alicia’s disfigured face and Harley’s clown make up are also similar.

Who was Joker’s girlfriend in Batman?

Harley Quinn Harley Quinn, born Harleen Frances Quinzel, was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who was turned into an insane criminal and girlfriend of the Joker.

Why did the Joker have scars?

He was later disfigured and brain-damaged after a fall into a vat of chemicals. This most facially scarred version of the Joker was left with nothing but to wait for the day Bruce Wayne fully assumed the alter-ego of Batman.

What was the Joker’s real name?

Jack Napier The Joker, suddenly medicated and sane, was able to convince the GCPD that he was wrongfully imprisoned as he was beaten by a vigilante. He also reveals his real name: Jack Napier. Napier spends all of his efforts revealing how Batman’s false heroics actually only lead to creator corruption in Gotham City.

Are the Joker and Batman brothers?

For the longest time, Batman believed he didn’t have any siblings and that he was an only child. … The revelation is left largely open-ended, but the implication Joker is the older brother of Bruce adds another dimension to the character’s relationship. But, in the comics, the real Thomas Wayne Jr.

Why did Jack Napier became the Joker?

He was caught in the act by Batman and Robin and dove into a catch basin full of chemicals to escape them. Those chemicals deformed him, turning him into an evil-looking clown, so he leaned into the gimmick and became the Joker.

What happened to Vicki Vale?

After being defeated by Batman, Vicki is apparently killed by falling debris whilst trying to escape. However, no body is found, leading Batman to wonder whether she is still alive. A display of Lady Arkham’s mask and concussion staff is seen in the Batcave in the second season, Batman: The Enemy Within.

When was Harley Quinn created?

Harley Quinn
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Batman: The Animated Series Joker’s Favor (September 11, 1992)
First comic appearance The Batman Adventures #12 (September 1993, non-canon) Batman: Harley Quinn #1 (October 1999, canon)
Created by Paul Dini Bruce Timm

Has Harley Quinn killed anyone?

Harley Quinn was once a murderous accomplice of the Joker, and DC is acknowledging thatadding another layer to her journey of redemption.

Is Harley Quinn dead?

Despite some narrow escapes, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) does not die in The Suicide Squad and lives until the finale, where she escapes from Amanda Waller’s control and possibly goes off to join either her own proper Harley Quinn movie or presumably Suicide Squad 3.

Why does Joker like Harley Quinn?

Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a psychologist interning at Arkham Asylum when she first met the Joker. … After insults, beatings, and even some attempts to kill her, Harley realized that the Joker didn’t actually love her, so she set out on her own.

Why is Joker’s skin white?

The Joker has had various possible origin stories during his decades of appearances. The most common story involves him falling into a tank of chemical waste that bleaches his skin white and turns his hair green and lips bright red; the resulting disfigurement drives him insane.

Why did Rachel Dawes get recast?

Initially portrayed by Katie Holmes, the actress did not reprise her role in 2008’s The Dark Knight. Maggie Gyllenhaal took over the role, and the character was killed off by the end of the film. … It was simply a matter of preference, as Holmes wanted to branch out and explore other roles available to her at that time.

Why does Joker lick his lips?

In the documentary I Am Heath Ledger (via Digital Spy) it’s revealed that, in order to keep the prosthetics in their place as they got loose when he spoke, Ledger had to lick his makeup to keep it in place, and it ended up becoming part of the Joker’s manic personality, as well as his most memorable mannerism.

What is Joker’s IQ?

Jokers’s IQ is estimated to be around 350 (which is insane even in the real world), while Batman’s is around 290. Additionally, the joker has been known to trick Batman numerous times causing him to even doubt himself in some cases.

Is Joker’s name Jerome?

The first proto-Joker, a character named Jerome Valeska, made his debut in the Season 1 episode The Blind Fortune Teller played by Cameron Monaghan. He is portrayed as the psychopathic, anarchist son of a circus performer, who murders her out of spite.

Is the Joker tall?

The Joker
Sex Male
Height 196cm(6’5)
Weight 192 lbs
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Does Joker know Batman’s identity?

Throughout their storied relationship, the Joker has known Batman’s true identity and has chosen to ignore it. He simply can’t bring himself to care about Bruce Wayne the human. … As Batman sees it, the Joker knew Bruce Wayne owned the Batcave but couldn’t bring himself to admit the Dark Knight was simply a mortal being.

What did Penny do to Arthur?

Much like her son, Penny suffered from an unspecified mentally illness. She was was responsible for letting her former boyfriend abuse Arthur in his childhood and was temporarily sent to the Arkham State Hospital for unsolicited claims.

Why does the Joker hate Batman?

Arguably, Joker’s lack of interest in Batman’s identity doesn’t make sense. Think of all the extra fun and games that would come from torturing Bruce Wayne as well as Batman. … Joker is one of the few Batman villains who doesn’t have a proper civilian identity, and this is a deliberate choice.

Who is the Joker’s alter ego?

Jack Napier Jack Napier is an alter-ego associated with the Joker, sometimes used as the character’s real name. This is a tribute to the actors Jack Nicholson and Alan Napier. It has been used by several incarnations of the Joker, although usually as an alias and not a secret identity.

How did Jack Napier died?

Grissom learned of the affair and conspired to have Napier assassinated at a job at ACME Chemicals. Instead of dying, though, Napier instead falls into a vat of chemicals and is transformed into the Joker. He gets his revenge on Grissom and almost poisons all of Gotham City before being dying in battle with Batman.

Who is the second Harley Quinn?

Marian Drews Marian Drews also known as the second Harley Quinn and later on as the Neo-Joker, was the main-antagonist of Batman: White Knight.

Why did Kim Basinger not come back for Batman Returns?

The character Vicki Vale from Batman (1989) (played by Kim Basinger) was going to return in this film. She was featured in Sam Hamm’s early draft of the film when it was intended to be a direct sequel of the previous one, but due to the fact that Tim Burton doesn’t like making sequels, it was decided to exclude her.

Does Vicki Vale Love Batman?

Vicki Vale first appeared in Batman #49 (Oct/Nov 1948). Her role in the story was very similar to that of Lois Lane: she reported on Batman’s activities for a newspaper, she was romantically attracted to Batman (and sometimes Bruce Wayne as well), and she repeatedly suspected they were the same person.

How did Selina Kyle survive the fall in Batman Returns?

In the Heart of Hush storyline, Hush cut out Selina’s heart and used machines to keep her alive. Batman was able to get the heart back and doctors were able to put it back in Selina’s body.