What company owns Biossance?

Amyris Amyris was founded in 2003. The company owns three brands, Biossance and Pipette, for beauty and skincare, and Purecane, a sugar substitute.

What country is Biossance from?

the United States Biossance utilizes a patented biological process to produce the 100% plant-derived squalane found in our products. This process uses Brazilian sugarcane, which meets international sustainability standards. Final manufacturing is in the United States.

Who is Catherine Gore?

Catherine Grace Frances Gore (ne Moody; 12 February 1798 29 January 1861), a prolific English novelist and dramatist, was the daughter of a wine merchant from Retford, Nottinghamshire.

What company owns Pipette?

Amyris Inc. Amyris Inc., the US company which develops and produces sustainable ingredients for the Flavors & Fragrances, Health & Wellness and Clean Beauty markets, launched Pipette, a new brand reinventing clean personal care for babies and moms using the fewest possible ingredients from the purest sources.

Is Biossance owned by Sephora?

It was founded in 2015 by Amyris, a biotech company funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Biossance first launched in the US at Sephora and has become one of the cosmetics retailer’s top brands, seeing 600% sales growth between 2016 and 2017.

How many employees does Biossance have?

Since then, over 120 million royalty-free treatments have been given, saving lives and communities. … BIOSSANCE Information.

Website http://biossance.com
Employees 319 ( View all )
Founded 2016
Address 5885 Hollis St, Ste 100, Emeryville, California 94608, US
Phone (844) 688-5885

Is Biossance plastic free?

Is Biossance Plastic-Free or Low/Zero-Waste? Biossance products come in recyclable glass or plastic packaging. Their outer cartons are tree-free and made from sugarcane paper material. Biossance states they’re committed to being Zero-Waste by 2025 from product lifecycle to office paper use.

Does squalane oil really work?

It does penetrate pores and improve skin at the cellular level, but it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. According to research , squalane has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness and swelling. While squalane won’t clog your pores, natural skin oils, dead skin cells, and bacteria can.

Is Biossance a packaging glass?

We listened. Now easier to pump and includes a clip to prevent spills during travel. We moved from curved glass to recyclable plastic so it’s easier to hold without slipping.

Who founded Pipette baby?

Amyris In response to parents asking for better-performing, safer products for their babies, Amyris conceived Pipette: a new Amyris brand reinventing clean personal care for babies and moms using the fewest possible ingredients from the purest sources.

What is the brand Pipette?

Pipette, the 2-year-old Amyris Inc.-owned clean baby care brand, is reducing its pricing and pivoting its brand positioning to reach a larger, mass customer base. After Pipette launched in Sept.

Is Pipette a good brand?

Pipette Baby Balm is the most effective and nonirritating lotion alternative I’ve found that diminishes my daughter’s eczema. Launched in September 2019, Pipette makes bath and moisturizing products for mom and baby. Their formulas are hypoallergenic and Environmental Working Group (EWG) Verified.

Is Biossance vegan and cruelty free?

Biossance is cruelty-free Biossance has confirmed that it is truly cruelty-free. They don’t test finished products or ingredients on animals, and neither do their suppliers or any third-parties. They also don’t sell their products where animal testing is required by law.

Is lactic acid safe during pregnancy?

Lactic acid is another AHA that is safe in pregnancy. I recommend 5% concentration or lower in pregnancy. Lactic acid generally does the same thing as glycolic acid for your skin, but tends tends to operate at a lower strength and be less irritating.

What is squalene used for?

Squalene (and its derivative, squalane) increases the spreadability and absorption of creams and lotions, and has been proven to prevent moisture loss, diminish the appearance of fine lines, and help in the prevention of wrinkles.

When was Biossance founded?

Caroline Hadfield and her team launched Biossance in 2016. Looking at what was happening with skin care, the millennial customer, looking at the indie space, a need for transparency and efficacious products, we developed Biossance, she tells Cosmetics Design.

Does Biossance sell in China?

BIOSSANCE is cruelty-free, accredited with Leaping Bunny, and all their products are 100% vegan. BIOSSANCE does not sell in China where it is required by law to test on animals, and their products are not tested on animals.

Is Biossance clean beauty?

Clean Ingredients and Clean Formulas We ban over 2,000 ingredients that are known to be toxic to you and the environment. All of our ingredients are also ethically and sustainably sourced.

Does Biossance clog pores?

Leading Ingredient for Squalane + Micronutrient Fine Mist Hyaluronic Acid: water-retaining, molecules which visibly plump and support hydration on the skin’s delicate surface. Safe, non-irritating, non-pore clogging and deeply nourishing.

Why does squalane break me out?

Because squalane is a part of sebum and excess sebum can contribute to acne, you probably want to exercise some caution with it if your skin tends to be oily or acne-prone, Dr. Stevenson says. You’re likely making plenty of sebum already and adding more could just cause breakouts.

Is squalane better than Hyaluronic Acid?

Both are naturally occuring, and present in the human body, but they both do slightly different jobs. While Hyaluronic Acid increases skin’s water content, Squalane acts as a barrier, keeping moisture locked in and hydrating at a cellular level.

Does Biossance sunscreen come sealed?

Please note: We do not include an aluminum seal on our sunscreen tubes. … Please know that you can use your sunscreen with confidence.

Does Biossance have essential oils?

With oils like mood elevating grapefruit, balancing lavender and sensual jasmine (just to name a few) they created our seven limited-edition Squalane + Essential Oils, now available for purchase.