TOP 10 most famous artists

Oscar-Claude Monet

 A painter who experimented with light and created paintings not by mixing colors, but by making rows of small dots, Monet created a series of paintings that went forever into the history of art. When it comes Impressionism, it is impossible not to think of Mon


Raffaello Santi

     Raphael’s portraits are still prized among artists for their simplicity and perfect depiction of human beauty. In his «Madonna’s», Raphael was able to convey true maternal love, creating a series of paintings that made him one of the most famous Italian artists.

  As not only a painter but also an architect, he became one of the most brilliant representatives of the Renaissance.


Frida Kahlo de Rivera

     Unfortunately, there are not many women in the world of painting who have reached the status of an art legend, but Frida Kahlo was unstoppable. Kahlo’s life cannot be called easy. Her experience and character defined her style, and made her Mexico’s greatest artist.

     Depicting self-portraits with elements of Mexican culture and symbolism that will be puzzled over for years to come, the artist’s face has become one of the most recognizable in the art world.


Michelangelo di Lodovico di Leonardo di Buonarroti Simoni

     Father of the Baroque, the greatest sculptor, a brilliant painter, a superstar – no matter how critics try to describe Michelangelo, it is almost impossible to evaluate his contribution to the history of art.

  To this day, when visiting Rome, Florence and the Vatican, connoisseurs can see Buonarroti’s legacy. The fresco in the Sistine Chapel, the statue of David and many other masterpieces of another Renaissance figure will forever remain the main attractions of Italy.


Paul Jackson Pollock

     Jackson Pollock, a recluse, an alcoholic and a leader of abstract expressionism, went down in history forever as a controversial but brilliant personality whose paintings became a symbol of freedom from values, rules and traditions.

     Literally dancing on the canvas, Pollock became a representative of the so-called “Action Painting”, which made the artist’s style recognizable around the world.


Andy Warhol

     Warhol has been called either the king of pop art or a fraud. Either way, his work has shaped all of modern art, and his style is still copied by artists around the world.

  The artist collaborated with celebrities of his time such as Monroe, Jagger, Presley and even JFK, showing the underside of popular culture and emphasizing mass consumption in his work.

  All this, by the end of his life, made him the best-selling artist of the 20th century.


Pablo Picasso

  The artist who launched the Cubism style, combining geometric figures on canvases and creating absolutely extraordinary paintings.

     Picasso is now considered one of the most enigmatic and productive artists in history. According to some estimates, Picasso sold more than 20,000 works, and he himself had more imitators than any other artist.


Vincent van Gogh

 Van Gogh, widely known not only for his works, but also for his mental state and severed ear, did not become popular during his lifetime. It was only years later that his innovative approach to painting was appreciated.

  Van Gogh is considered the main inspiration for all expressionists because of the colorfulness of his paintings and the storm of emotion that the artist depicted in his canvases.


Salvador Dali

 Salvador Dali’s name is associated with flamboyance, eccentricity and genius. The most famous representative of surrealism was a supporter of Freudian theory, which was often portrayed in his works. However, the theme of human psychology is inextricably linked to Salvador Dali.

     Nevertheless, it is impossible to create such surrealist paintings while being a perfectly healthy person.

     Dali was called a crank and a madman, but he was only creating and making history. Well, he succeeded in that.


Leonardo da Vinci

 No wonder da Vinci’s name is forever enshrined at the top of any list of the best paintings.

     Leonardo da Vinci was not only an artist, but also an inventor, scientist, writer, musician, sculptor, and architect, making him the embodiment of the “homo universalus,” the universal man, the Renaissance man.

  Da Vinci’s work is valued by artists, anatomists and engineers, and his name is on everyone’s lips.

The names of history

 These artists will forever be remembered in art history as people who made huge contributions, gave something new or simply changed art with their extraordinary thinking and talent.

  The works of most of them have fallen into the public domain and are in the possession of art galleries or museums. Only a few have come into the possession of private collectors, who often wish to remain anonymous.

     Even if owning their work is either impossible or more difficult than colonizing Mars, you still have the opportunity to find something similar, perhaps even inspired by the works of great artists.

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