Shang-Chi confirmed Marvel’s first-ever Asian cast,2021.

The first-ever Asian led Marvel superhero film, Shangchi and the Legend Of the Ten Rings has wrapped and the casts are confirmed now.

Marvel revealed the name of the casts on Friday, Dec 11. Former TVB actress “Fala Chen” will play the character “Jiang Li”. Fala Chen is 38 years old who left Hong Kong in 2013 then she joined the art school, Juilliard, in New York. She has been seen in the HBO series “The Undoing”.

Malaysian actress “Michelle Yeoh” has already been revealed when she was spotted in Sydney, where production took place in August. “Yeoh’s” character is named “Jiang Nan”.

Other newly confirmed casts are “Zhang Meng’er” playing as “Xialing” and “Florian Munteanu” who is going to play as “Razor Fist”.

Apart from the newly confirmed casts we also came to know about the names of the originally announced cast, previously Shang Chi’s character was a mystery for us as Marvel was quite secretive to reveal the casts list but now Marvel has confirmed that the role will be played by the Canadian actor “Simu Lipu”. ” Katy” will be played by “Awkwafin”, Crazy Asian actor “Ronny Chieng” joined the project in an unknown role before the film’s shoot has begun. But by the end of production, we know that he will be playing “Jon Jon” and Tony Leung’s Mandarin is called “Wenwu”.

Except for the names Marvel didn’t reveal anything about the character of Shang chi, Despite we know the villain though who is Munteanu’s Razor fist, it looks he could be team up with Mandarin to defeat Shang Chi. Hopefully, Marvel will release plot details soon so fans can get a little more about the film.

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Marvel hasn’t revealed anything about the release date yet but from other sources, we know that this film is set to release in July 2021 which was previously decided on February 2021.

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