Is the Big Baby Taylor discontinued?

The guitar comes with a gig bag for easy portability. The Big Baby Taylor (BBT-e) is not currently offered as a standard production model.

How big is the Taylor Big Baby?

15/16th size The Big Baby Taylor is a 15/16th size guitar. The body is a little smaller than a full size guitar. Instead of it being 16 inches from bottom to top, it’s 15 inches.

How much does the Big Baby Taylor weigh?

Product information

Item Weight 4.4 pounds
String Material Elixir Nanowebs
Top Material Spruce
Neck Material Type Sapele Wood
Number of Strings 6

Is Taylor Big Baby solid wood?

The neck of the Big Baby by Taylor Guitars is made from solid mahogany wood with a satin finish. … Due to the heel-less design on this guitar, it’s easier to play the upper frets, in comparison to a regular full-body dreadnought acoustic.

What is the difference between a baby Taylor and a Big Baby Taylor?

Slightly bigger than a Baby Taylor but just shy of a full-size guitar, the Big Baby Taylor is ideal for easy-playing, great-sounding guitar fun. … The Baby Taylor’s upsized sibling is nearly a full-size Dreadnought (15/16 scale) that yields a more robust voice.

Are Baby Taylors good?

They do a good job retaining tuning and intonation. Overall, the hardware is functional, but don’t push the guitar too much. With Taylor’s standard neck-width (11-1/16”), the BT2 features a narrow neck that’s great for playing chords. Likewise, its smooth fingerboard makes it soft and easy on your hands.

Is the Taylor Big Baby a dreadnought?

The Big Baby has the largest body shape of all Taylor’s small-bodied guitars. It is a 15/16-sized dreadnought that still feels like a miniature guitar. … And since it’s not full-sized, this guitar is perfect for any player with smaller hands.

When did Taylor Big Baby come out?

1996 The success of Taylor’s smallest and by far its least expensive model, the three-quarter size Baby, introduced back in 1996, may have taken the company by surprise, but, unsurprisingly, Taylor responded with the introduction of another similar, but fuller-figured model.

Where are Taylor guitars made?

Taylor only manufactures guitars in El Cajon, California and Tecate, Mexico.

What is the heaviest guitar?

Gibson Les Paul This is the heaviest guitar on the list weighing in at 9-12 pounds (4-5.5 kg). This is due the the thick mahogany body, which is around 2.5 inches wide.

How much does a guitar cost?

As a good point of reference however, beginners should generally be able to find an electric guitar between $200 and $600, intermediate players should be spending about $700 to $1,000 on their guitar to scale up with their skills, and finally advanced players which can include touring musicians will generally opt for …

Are acoustic guitars heavy?

Most regular size acoustic guitars will weigh between 2.5 lbs and 5 lbs (between 1.1 kg and 2.2 kg). The regular size acoustic guitars can be divided into several types of guitar: ParlorTenor weighs a bit over 2 lbs (0.9 kg). Concert and Grand Concert weigh around 3-5 lbs (1.3 2.2 kg).

How do I clean my Taylor Big Baby?

Re: Cleaning a Baby Taylor The body on the Baby-T can be washed with warm MILD soapy water. Dampen a cloth – don’t soak it – and rub the dirt off. Follow that with a CLEAN DRY cloth. Don’t use waxes or polishes on this finish.

Where are Big Baby Taylor made?

It has an ebony bridge with Micarta saddle and Nubone nut. It is evident then that all the materials used in body and neck construction are of high quality. The body is 19 12 inches, and the guitar itself is 40 14 inches, and it is made in Mexico.

Where are Baby Taylor Guitars made?

All Taylor guitars are made in one of two factories; either the El Cajon factory in California, or the Tecate factory in Mexico. They’re roughly 40 miles from one another. Anything that’s a 200 series or lower (so that’s the 100 series, GS Minis, Baby range and Academies) are made in the Mexican factory.

How much smaller is a Taylor Mini?

Well, compared to the full-size Taylor GS (grand symphony), introduced in 2006, the Mini cuts 51mm off the scale length and just 86mm off the overall length.

Is GS Mini smaller than Baby Taylor?

The Baby Taylor is a bit smaller than the GS Mini (GS is a mini concert acoustic while the BT2 is a 3/4 dreadnought). … Unless you don’t like how small the BT2 is, it’s our clear choice between the two instruments, simply because the value is higher.

How much smaller is the GS Mini?

The GS Mini is significantly smaller than any full-sized guitar with a difference of 51mm in scale length and 86mm overall. The neck depth is 5mm smaller and the width is almost 50mm less than the full-sized Taylor acoustic guitars.

Is Baby Taylor good for beginners?

The Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners. After weeks of research and firsthand testing, we’ve concluded that the Taylor Academy 12 is the best acoustic guitar for beginners. While it may be a step up in price, the Academy 12 makes up for it with unparalleled playability, superior construction and beautiful sound.

What strings does a Baby Taylor come with?

Taylor Recommends ELIXIR Strings Your Taylor guitar features factory-installed Elixir Strings with NANOWEB Coating. Our best-selling acoustic guitars are now equipped with Elixir Phosphor Bronze Strings, which deliver that distinctive warmth and sparkle together with extended tone life.

Is Taylor a good acoustic guitar?

Taylor acoustic guitars are one of the most well-known acoustic guitar brands. … These guitars don’t begin to cover all the variations and models, but they represent a good sampling of their products meeting the needs of both beginners and more advanced players and are widely used.

What is dreadnought guitar?

The dreadnought is a type of acoustic guitar body developed by American guitar manufacturer C.F. Martin & Company. … A body much larger than most other guitars provided the dreadnought with a bolder, perhaps richer, and often louder tone. It is distinguished by its size and square shoulders and bottom.

What is a 15/16 size guitar?

A 15/16 sized dreadnought guitar with a 25.5 scale (distance between nut & saddle). Smaller size bodies frequently have similar/same scale length. Example – 000, OM, GA, GS, Dreadnought – frequently have the same scales.

Is Taylor guitar better than Martin?

Taylors are generally known for having a very bright yet rich sound, with more clarity but perhaps less body than a Martin. The company is also praised for guitar-to-guitar consistency and build quality.

Are Taylor Guitars worth the money?

If you know that you’re paying for the build-quality and decades of innovation and refinement, they are certainly worth the money. If you can get a Taylor in your budget, you already know that you’re getting one of the best acoustic guitars at that price, and maybe even several times the price.

Are Taylor Guitars made in Mexico?

Apart from the many physical differences, the 200 series Taylor’s and lower (meaning the GS Mini’s and Academy Series) are built in their Tecate Factory in Mexico while the 300 series and higher are built in the El Cajon factory that’s just 40 miles north above the border.