Is Ryan really Bentley’s dad?

Maci Bookout is giving Us Weekly an exclusive update on her 12-year-old son Bentley’s strained relationship with his dad, Ryan Edwards.

Does Bentley have a relationship with Ryan?

Ryan Edwards on an episode of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ (MTV) Therefore, her own relationship with Ryan is pretty much non-existent. Maci told us, We don’t have a relationship at all, when we asked how they’ve been getting along when it comes to co-parenting Bentley.

What did Ryan’s dad say about Bentley?

When Ryan, who is also dad to Jagger, 2, and Stella, 1, with Mackenzie, called Maci a spiteful evil b**h, as he accused her of keeping Bentley from them, Maci fired back over Twitter. … Maci kept giving vague answers and was making it clear she was upset but would not say why.

Does Bentley see his dad Ryan?

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout McKinney confirms that her son Bentley has not seen his father, Ryan Edwards, in more than a month exclusively to In Touch. … Ryan and Maci coparent their son, Bentley, while she also has kids Jayde, 6, and Maverick, 5, with her husband, Taylor McKinney.

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What does Ryan’s dad Larry do for a living?

Ryan’s dad, Larry, on the other hand, works for his local branch of the Coca-Cola corporation.

Does Ryan have custody of Bentley?

On Teen Mom OG, Bentley refused to see his father, who has struggled with heroin addiction, until he agreed to attend therapy with him, as Ryan blamed Maci for being unable to see their son. … Maci and Ryan do not have a court custody agreement, as he has been primarily in her care.

How did Ryan chipped his tooth?

An Accident at the Skate Park Ryan’s Broken Front Teeth Cosmetic Bonding. This poor dude fell at the skate park and was scared about what would happen next. He picked up the piece of his lower tooth and thankfully we were able to glue that sucker back on!

Does Bentley call Taylor dad?

Teen Mom Maci Bookout says son Bentley, 12, calls her husband Taylor ‘DAD’ in latest dig at his father Ryan Edwards. MACI Bookout has revealed her son Bentley calls her husband Taylor McKinney Dad. … Sometimes – it’s not extremely often – but if he’s talking to the younger kids he’ll just call him Dad.

Why does Bentley not want to be around Ryan?

The two have had a difficult relationship due to Ryan’s ongoing battle with drug addiction. In drama that played out on the last season of the MTV series, the 12-year-old refused to see his father until he agreed to go to therapy with him to work on their strained relationship.

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Is Ryan Edwards still married?

Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer After drug abuse and cheating allegations against Ryan surfaced in 2018, however, he checked into rehab. While Ryan spent some time away, Mackenzie gave birth to the couples first child, Jagger. The couple still remains together and welcomed another baby.

Who has custody of Bentley Edwards?

Maci Bookout Teen Mom Maci Bookout shares new video of son Bentley, 12, after ex Ryan Edwards claims he can get custody of preteen. TEEN Mom star Maci Bookout shared a sweet new video of Bentley, 12, having fun with his brother Maverick, four, and step-dad Taylor McKinney.

How old is Bentley now from Teen Mom?

Bentley, who turns 13 this week, is Maci’s eldest child, who she shares with ex Ryan Edwards. She also has Maverick, five, and Jayde, six, with husband Taylor McKinney.

What does Jen Edwards do?

Jennifer Edwards (born March 25, 1957) is an American actress.

How old are Jen and Larry?

‘Teen Mom’ Most Explosive Moments: Relive the Craziest Drama! Maci and her husband, Taylor McKinney, went face-to-face with Jen, 55, and Larry, 60, during the tense season 9 special, mostly arguing over visitations with her 12-year-old son, Bentley, whom she and Ryan, 33, welcomed in October 2008.

What happened between Ryan Edwards and his dad?

Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards’ dad Larry ‘FIRED from show’ after his ‘fight’ with Maci Bookout’s husband Taylor at reunion. TEEN Mom star Ryan Edwards’ parents, Larry and Jen, have been fired from the show after the grandpa got into a fight with Maci Bookout’s husband, Taylor Mckinney, at the reunion.

Who Is Maci Bookout’s ex?

In a new episode of Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout set even more boundaries when it comes to her relationship with ex Ryan Edwards and his extended family.

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Is Ryan from Teen Mom sober?

Teen Mom Star Ryan Edwards Says He’s 3 Years Sober: ‘I’ve Been Completely Clean’ … The Teen Mom OG alum, who was fired from the MTV show in March, revealed he has been sober for three years after battling a heroin addiction.

Is Bentley Taylor’s son?

Bentley Cadence Edwards is the son of Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards. He was born on October 27, 2008. His parents are no longer together, and have since married Taylor McKinney, and Mackenzie Standifer, respectively.

Is Ryan on drugs again?

When Ryan appeared on the show with his messy head of hair, some Teen Mom OG fans were worried that he was on drugs again. Ryan himself has not admitted to drug use, as he has in the past, so there is no solid basis for the concern.

How did Mackenzie Edwards lose weight?

Mackenzie explained she eats gluten [and] dairy-free, and after doing a food sensitivity test, she reverse-dieted out of keto into moderate carbs. However, not everyone has been supportive of her journey. In June, a commenter accused Mackenzie of using drugs in order to get her flat tummy.

How old is Ryan Edwards?

33years (January 3, 1988) Ryan Edwards / Age Stars Fired From Reality Shows Through the Years Bookout, 29, and Ryan, 33, were featured on the series premiere of 16 & Pregnant in 2009 and were briefly engaged.

What does Bentley call Taylor?

Sometimes [Bentley will] call [Taylor] T-Money, sometimes he’ll call him Taylor, the 29-year-old MTV star said. Sometimes it’s not extremely often, but especially if, like, he’s talking to my younger two kids, he’ll just call him dad. … As the kids get older, it’s definitely a season-by-season thing, she shared.

Is Bentley Kyle’s son?

Kyle King dated Maci Bookout following her relationship with Ryan Edwards. During their relationship, Bookout and her son, Bentley, moved to Nashville to live with King, much to Edwards’ dismay.

Did Ryan and Bentley go to therapy?

‘Teen Mom’: Maci Bookout’s Son Bentley Shares Positive Update About Therapy With Ryan Edwards. Throughout the current season of Teen Mom OG, which aired its finale on Tuesday night, Maci Bookout’s son Bentley has been going to therapy to work through issues relating to his relationship with his father, Ryan Edwards.

Did Bentley go to Jagger’s birthday?

Last week, fans saw 12-year-old Bentley make the call to attend his brother Jagger’s birthday party at his grandparent’s house, where he would see his troubled dad. … Bentley has set clear boundaries that he doesn’t want to be around his dad until they go to therapy together, shared Maci.