Is Mindy Sterling married?

Mindy Sterling
Occupation Actress
Years active 1973present
Spouse(s) Brian Gadson (divorced)
Children 1

Who plays Mrs Briggs?

Mindy Sterling iCarly Ms. Francine Briggs / Played by Mindy Sterling is best known for her major recurring role as Ms. Briggs on iCarly and her role as Principal Skidmore on A.N.T.

Who played Frau?

Mindy Sterling

Frau Farbissina
First appearance Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)
Last appearance Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)
Created by Mike Myers
Portrayed by Mindy Sterling

What is Mindy Sterling?

She is the voice of Lt. Lin Beifong on the Nickelodeon Animated Series, LEGEND OF KORRA. Her voice can also be heard on LOUD HOUSE, ADVENTURES OF PUSS IN BOOTS, PIG GOAT BANANA CRICKET, SCOOBY DOO, CHOWDER, and many others. She recurred on BLACK-ISH, FX’s LEGIT, and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

How old is Miss Briggs from iCarly?

Mindy Sterling (Mrs. Briggs from iCarly) is 60 years old. (Born, July 11, 1953)

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Who plays Mrs Schwartz on The Goldbergs?

Mindy Sterling The Goldbergs (TV Series 2013 ) – Mindy Sterling as Linda Schwartz – IMDb.

Is Mindy Sterling Scottish?

Sterling was born in Paterson, New Jersey, to actor and comedian Dick Sterling of Aberdeen, Scotland. Her mother was a dancer. At 13, she began her training to become an actress.

What happened to Mrs Briggs in iCarly?

Mindy Sterling has been a breast cancer survivor since 1998, having undergone a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, radiation treatment, and tamoxifen. According to iPilot, Ms. Briggs used to have a brown lump on her nose, but she had it surgically removed.

Who voices endive?

Mindy Sterling Chowder Ms. Endive / Voiced by Mindy Sterling is the voice of Ms. Endive in Chowder, and Hikari Yono is the Japanese voice.

Who is Frau farbissina based on?

Frau Farbissina (Frau Kaput in Spain) is a character from the Austin Powers series of movies, played by Mindy Sterling. She is the attack and defense specialist for Dr Evil. The character is based on From Russia with Love’s Rosa Klebb, with additional inspiration from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Irma Bunt.

Who is Dr Evil’s assistant?

Frau Farbissina Evil is his personal assistant Frau Farbissina (played by Mindy Sterling) who is the founder of the militant wing of The Salvation Army. (Farbissina is Yiddish for embittered.)

What is the meaning of Frau farbissina?

She is the chief henchwoman of Dr.Evil and started the militant wing of the Salvation Army. Her name, Farbissina is a take-off of the Yiddish word for farbissen or embittered in other words, a vocal person. Furthermore, Frau (German for Mrs. and woman) actually seems to be her first name.

How old is Susan Skidmore?


Susan Skidmore
age 52-53
School Webster High School
First Episode participANTs

Who plays Kendra in anger management?

Heather Graham Anger Management (2003) – Heather Graham as Kendra – IMDb.

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Who was the vice principal in iCarly?

Howard and Ms.Briggs became co-principals after Principal Franklin was fired. It was stated in this episode that Mr. Howard’s wife thinks he is a loser. … Portrayer.

First Appearance Latest Appearance
iGot Detention iOpen a Restaurant

Who plays the vice principal in iCarly?

He is played by Tim Russ, best known for playing Lieutenant Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager. Principal Franklin returns in the revival series in i’M Cursed. He returns to give Carly and Freddie their letters from their past selves to future selves for Carly’s 27th birthday and reveals he has retired.

Who plays iCarly brother?

Jerry Trainor Spencer Shay (Jerry Trainor) is Carly’s immature, childish, hyperactive, older brother.

Who is Linda Schwartz?

The first woman and nurse to be appointed Commissioner of Veteran Affairs for the State of Connecticut, in 2003, Linda Schwartz, RN, DrPH, FAAN, is known for a long history of involvement in nursing and veteran organizations.

Is Jeff Schwartz from The Goldbergs real?

Los Angeles, California, U.S. Samuel Bryce Lerner (born September 27, 1992) is an American actor, who is most known for his role as Geoff Schwartz on The Goldbergs, Chowder in Monster House, and as Quinn Goldberg in Project Almanac.

Who plays Jeff’s mom in The Goldbergs?

Mindy Sterling Melinda Linda Schwartz (born November 26, 1939) is the mother of Geoff Schwartz and Joanne, wife of Lou Schwartz, friend of Beverly Goldberg, Virginia Kremp and Essie Karp and a recurring character in The Goldbergs. She is portrayed by Mindy Sterling.

Who Played grow in Austin Powers?

Mike Myers

Mike Myers OC
Born Michael John Myers May 25, 1963 Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Citizenship Canada United Kingdom United States
Occupation Actor comedian singer director producer screenwriter
Years active 1973present
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Will there be an iCarly reboot?

The ‘iCarly’ reboot finale premieres on Aug. New episodes have since launched every Thursday exclusively for subscribers. At the time of this writing, the series has aired 11 episodes. On Aug. 19, episode 12 will premiere, followed by the iCarly reboot finale on Aug.

What did the goat do to Carly on her last birthday?

In iAm Your Biggest Fan, Spencer says he made the Seat of Sitting to make up for Carly’s last birthday, because he built her a lava lamp that burst into flames, which means that this is at least the second time Spencer built Carly a defective lamp.

Who is Chuck from iCarly?

Ryan Ochoa Ryan Ochoa (born May 17, 1996) is an American actor, rapper, songwriter, music video director, producer, music video editor and composer. He is known for playing the role of Lanny on the Disney XD series Pair of Kings, and for his recurring role of Chuck Chambers on the Nickelodeon series iCarly.

What animal is Chowder?

cat Main. Chowder (voiced by Nicky Jones): A chubby purple cat/bear/rabbit hybrid who serves as an apprentice under the chef Mung Daal, Chowder lives with Mung Daal and his wife, Truffles, in a room at the top of the catering business.

What animal is Schnitzel cartoon?

Shnitzel is named after Schnitzel, a german dish, breaded pork. In Kid Shnitzel, when Shnitzel was outraged at Chowder for letting him talk him into dressing up as a baby, Chowder quoted: No need for harsh language, this is a kid’s show, sheesh!

How tall is Chowder from Chowder?

I’m 73.5 inches tall, or six feet and one and a half inches, I just say I’m 6’2 because I have a lot of hair and no one questions it. I hope you all can forgive me.