Is Evelyn Braxton still married?

MICHAEL AND EVELYN’S DIVORCE The couple divorced in the year 2000, after a breakdown in their relationship. In the aftermath of their split, Michael remarried Wanda Braxton, while Evelyn has remained single ever since.

Who is the oldest Braxton?

At 36, Tamar Braxton is nine years younger than 45-year-old Toni Braxton, who was born Oct. 7, 1967, and is the oldest of the Braxton siblings. The family consists of one boyMichael Conrad Braxton Jr., born Nov. 17, 1968and five girls, all of whom initially performed together as the Braxtons.

Who is Ashlee Braxton?

Ashlee is the eldest daughter of Michael Braxton Jr.Toni’s younger brother and the only son of the family. The girl has been studying in Paris, France for the last three years, and she’s majoring in marketing and communications in the International Business program at ISC Paris.

Who are Toni Braxton’s parents?

Evelyn Braxton Michael Conrad Braxton Toni Braxton / Parents The Braxtons’ parents are Rev.Michael Braxton Sr.(born June 26, 1947) and Evelyn Braxton (born January 14, 1948). Their first child, Toni Michele Braxton was born on October 7, 1967.

Who daughter was Lauren Braxton?

Lauren, who was the daughter of Toni’s younger brother Michael Conrad Braxton Jr., died on April 29 in Maryland. She was 24. TMZ also reported that law enforcement responded to a 911 call around noon on that Monday and found Lauren unresponsive when they arrived.

What happened to Traci Braxton’s niece?

The medical examiner’s office in Maryland told Entertainment Tonight that Toni’s niece’s cause of death was heroin and fentanyl intoxication. At the time, the Braxton family still wished for peace during their mourning period.

Who is the richest Braxton sister?

Traci Braxton Net Worth: Traci Braxton is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and reality television personality who has a net worth of $800 thousand. Although Toni Braxton is well-known for being the sister of famed R&B singer Toni Braxton, she has also carved out an impressive name for herself.

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Did Toni Braxton have a reality show?

Toni Braxton’s career got a second boost thanks to her family’s We TV reality series Braxton Family Values. The show chronicled the relationships between Toni and her four younger sisters, all of whom can also sing.

What order are the Braxton sisters?

Michael, 50, is the only brother among the six Braxton siblings Toni, 51, Traci, 48, Towanda, 45, Trina, 44, and Tamar, 42. The sisters star together on We TV’s Braxton Family Values.

Is Toni Braxton married to Birdman?

After an on-again-off-again relationship, Birdman and Toni Braxton may have finally gotten married. The two lovebirds had a lengthy engagement and Braxton promised to become Birdman’s wife by the end of 2020. A recent post from Braxton’s sister hints that the two have tied the knot.

What is Toni Braxton’s real name?

Toni Michelle Braxton Toni Michelle Braxton was born on October 7, 1967, in Severn, Maryland, to parents Michael Braxton, a minister, and his wife, Evelyn.

Which of Toni Braxtons kids have autism?

Diezel Braxton-Lewis is the youngest son of Toni and her ex-husband, artist Keri Lewis. He graduated from Fusion Academy in Los Angeles, a private school that merges in-person, virtual, and hybrid learning. Diezel was diagnosed with autism at 3-years old.

Who is Toni Braxton’s father?

Michael Conrad Braxton Toni Braxton / Fathers Her father, Michael Conrad Braxton Sr., was a Methodist clergyman and power company worker, and her mother, Evelyn Jackson, a native of South Carolina, was a former opera singer and cosmetologist, as well as a pastor. Braxton’s maternal grandfather was also a pastor. Braxton is the eldest of six siblings.

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How did Michael Brooke daughter?

November 11, 2005) and daughter Brooke Carter (b. December 27, 2006). Daughter of Evelyn Braxton. (April 29, 2019) Her niece Lauren Braxton, older brother Michael Conrad Braxton Jr.’s daughter, died from heroin and fentanyl intoxication at the age of 24.

How did Michael Braxton Jr daughter passed?

Lauren, the daughter of Michael Conrad Braxton Jr. and the niece of Toni Braxton, passed away in late April at the age of 24. The medical examiner’s office in Maryland now tells E! News that the autopsy has been complete and that the cause of death for Lauren is heroin overdose and fentanyl intoxication.

How did Tamar Braxton’s niece passed away?

Toni Braxton’s niece died from heroin and fentanyl intoxication, a public information officer for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the state of Maryland told the Daily News on Thursday. Lauren Braxton died in on April 29 at age 24.

Is Braxton Family Values coming back in 2021?

Tamar Braxton Says ‘Braxton Family Values’ Is Returning: But Not On That Foolish Network. Braxton Family Values is making a comeback, according to Tamar Braxton. The reality star and Grammy-nominated singer revealed her family’s show is returning to the small screen. but it won’t be on its previous home network Wetv.

Why did Tamar and Vince get a divorce?

One month after announcing she was retiring from music to save her marriage and just one month shy of their ninth wedding anniversary the Maryland native filed for divorce from the music executive. I decided I didn’t want to be married for the sake of saying so. I wanted to have a relationship.

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Is David and Tamar still together?

Tamar and David are believed to have split sometime between July and September of 2020. … David alleged that he was a victim of domestic abuse, and claimed Tamar assaulted him while he was driving his car and threatened to have him killed something she publicly denied while on The Tamron Hall Show.

What does Trina Braxton husband do?

Trina Braxton’s marriage to Gabe Solis Solis was a software developer and worked from home, often caring for their sons while Braxton performed on the road as a background singer for her big sister, Toni.

Who is Vince Herbert with now?

Personal life. Herbert married singer Tamar Braxton, in 2008. The couple’s son Logan Vincent Herbert was born in 2013.

Who managed Vincent Herbert?

Herbert also managed the supergroup Mindless Behavior, R&B group Xscape and rapper Remy Ma. His most famous client was Lady Gaga, who he helped discover. Herbert’s managerial duties shifted once he began to focus solely on Braxton’s career until she filed for divorce in October 2017.

How did Vince Herbert lose weight?

I had to be very supportive of him, he had a couple of surgeries not like really cosmetic surgeries, but like medical surgeries to help him to lose weight because he had medical problems due to the weight, explains Braxton, 39. In 2012, Herbert was hospitalized for 40 days after suffering multiple blot clots.