Is Erin Napier related to mallorie Rasberry?

He and Erin (Rasberry Napier) are first cousins their dad’s are brothers. Erin was my roommate in Oxford and was doing her senior art exhibit on Jim and Danny’s First National Bank Building.

Who is mallorie Rasberry?

Community leader, entrepreneur, and loyal friend of Laurel, Mallorie Rasberry is an integral piece to our little town’s puzzle. Mallorie lives in the historic district along with her husband Jim, and their daughter Lucy. She and Jim own the First National Bank Building on Central Avenue.

What happened to Kendall’s husband on Home Town?

Kendall was a longtime friend and colleague of Ben and Erin Napier, and after tragically losing her husband in a car accident, she turned to the design duo to help her create a fresh start in a new home in Laurel, Mississippi.

What does Josh Nowell do for a living?

Joshua Nowell, CPL – President – Petrolia Land Company LinkedIn.

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Is Home Town staged?

Anything custom-made for a home is given to the family, but most of the staged items are taken back unless homeowners are willing to pay an extra fee. It may seem deceptive. But HGTV fans should know by now not to believe everything they see on renovation shows.

Is Ben and Erin having another baby?

On Monday, HGTV Home Town star Erin Napier shared an Instagram post, revealing an Easter egg from season 5 of This Is Us honoring her new daughter with husband Ben. The HGTV stars welcomed their second baby, daughter Mae Napier, on May 28. They’re already parents to 3-year-old daughter Helen.

Did Jesse and Lauren Napier have their baby?

As of June 12th, Jesse and Lauren gave birth to their first child a healthy baby girl named Nell Marie Napier. This new family is so thankful for all the love and support that they have received during this season.

Did Erin Napier have a baby?

Erin Napier’s baby girl is growing so fast! The HGTV star, who welcomed her second baby daughter Mae on May 28, documented the 4-week-old’s growth after previously revealing that she was bottle-feeding her formula.

Do Erin and Ben Napier have a new baby?

Erin Napier shared a new photo of her youngest daughter, Mae, on Instagram, as well as an update on how the baby is doing. Napier and her husband and Home Town costar, Ben Napier, 37, welcomed Mae back in May. They are also parents to another daughter, Helen, 3.

Will Home Town be on HGTV in 2021?

In August 2021, Deadline announced that Ben and Erin Napier would be bringing Home Town to HGTV for Season 6. The newest season of the show will contain 20 episodes packed with even more renovations taking place in the couple’s hometown of Laurel, Mississippi.

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Who is the floor guy on Home Town?

Mike Husers The first choice for Hardwood Floor finishing in South Mississippi since 2006.

How did Erin and Ben Napier get started?

The HGTV stars first met when they were both attending Jones County Junior College, although they would both go on to Ole Miss. They had seen each other around campus, but it wasn’t until a photoshoot for the yearbook, of which Erin was the editor, that they actually were brought together.

Are Ben and Erin Napier both from Laurel Mississippi?

Ben and Erin Napier, the stars of Home Town, are proud residents of the sweet, small town of Laurel, Mississippi, and their mission statement, similar to Good Bones stars Mina Starsiak-Hawk and Karen Laine, is about bringing more attention to where they live.

Do Ben and Erin Napier actually do the work?

Some fans, particularly Laurel residents, tell the HGTV stars how cool it looks to be on TV, but Ben and Erin say it’s just a normal job. We get up, we work with our coworkers, and we go home.

Where do Ben and Erin live in Laurel MS?

Erin and Ben Napier, hosts of HGTV’s Home Town, tell the story of how they found their Craftsman Cottage in Laurel, Mississippi, and made it their own.

How many children do Erin and Ben Napier have?

two Erin and Ben Napier are new parents of two! The couple welcomed their second child together, daughter Mae Napier, on May 28, TODAY has confirmed. They’re also parents to daughter Helen, 3.

How did Ben Napier lose his weight?

I’ve lost 55 pounds since last year, Ben tells … In addition to cutting carbs and calories and fasting intermittently, Ben’s been doing a combination of cardio and weight training. He gets up at 4:30 and plays basketball in the backyard every morning, Erin tells us.

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Where does Erin Napier get her clothes?

Good news: You can actually purchase her clothes! I’ve donated lots of my clothes from seasons 1-4 of #HGTVHomeTown to @theremnantlaurel, a co-op shop with a purpose, so you can buy my gently worn wardrobe while helping women in need, she shared on Instagram.

How much are the napiers worth?

The two are good at what they do, and run the Scotsman General Store & Woodshop, earning additional income. So what are Ben and Erin Napier’s net worth? Fans may not be so surprised, then, to learn that Ben and Erin Napier’s net worth sits at approximately $5 million, per Distractify.

What does Lauren Napier do for a living?

We met Lauren Napier, a makeup artist and founder of Lauren Napier Beauty, a makeup remover brand. She is a minimalist, makeup artist, and skincare enthusiast.

Are Ben and Erin Napier still married?

After nearly 12 years of marriage, Erin Napier is still head over heels for her husband, Ben and she recently took to Instagram to share what it is about him that makes her swoon.

What happened to Luke and Jonathan on Home Town?

The HGTV star was the show’s project manager since the very first episode and he gained a fan base for being something of a Home Town ‘heartthrob’. Today, Jonathan is still in the construction business and works on custom building and renovation projects in Florida.

What religion is Ben and Erin?

Erin and I are not going anywhere and will continue to be active in the life of First Methodist. In the letter, Ben said that he was resigning to join Erin in their business, Laurel Mercantile Co. When I started professional youth ministry ten years ago, I knew that it was not a ‘forever’ career, he wrote.