Is Brooklinen based in Brooklyn?

The store is located in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, which the brand’s founders felt was a perfect fit. As a Brooklyn-born and based brand, the borough was a natural choice for our first permanent location, CEO and co-founder Rich Fulop said in a statement.

Is Brooklinen a real company?

As seen on Instagram, subway ads, and everywhere in between, Brooklinen is a startup company that has exploded in popularity for its super soft sheets that don’t break the bank. The brand originally launched with a few sheet styles and have expanded to offer comforters, pillows, robes, towels, and even loungewear.

Where is Brooklinen based out of?

Brooklyn, NY Overview Suggest Edit

Type Private
Founded 2013
HQ Brooklyn, NY, US

What does Brooklinen do with returned sheets?

But what about the sheets you returned? Nobody’s going to want to buy your used bedding, so many brands would simply throw them away. Brooklinen takes a different approach. Instead of trashing unsellable returns, the company donates them to charities that help the homeless.

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Is Brooklinen or parachute better?

The winner: If you want a classic, all-season percale set, go with Brooklinen. Both sheets feel incredible and get the job done in terms of keeping me cozy and not sweaty. But unless you just really love to spend money, Parachute’s don’t feel $130 better.

How long do Brooklinen sheets last?

How long do Brooklinen sheets last? According to Brooklinen’s website, sheet sets should be completely replaced every 2 years (or 1 year for pillowcases).

Is Brooklinen made in USA?

The toughest aspect, perhaps after cold-calling and emailing textiles factories in far flung locales (Brooklinen sheets have been made in Israel, Portugal, Canada, Germany, and India) and hoping they’d get a reply, was blocking out haters, he says.

Is Brooklinen shipping free?

Brooklinen Offers and Promos Sign up for the Brooklinen VIP Loyalty Rewards program where you can earn points and exclusive offers for members. Brooklinen offers free shipping in the U.S. Some conditions apply.

What country are Brooklinen sheets made?

According to Brooklinen, Luxe Sateen components are the company’s best-selling products. Luxe Sateen sets are also available in 14 colors and designs, and come in three-, four- and seven-piece sets. The Linen sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers are made in Portugal from a blend of Belgian and French flax.

Who is Brooklinen owned by?

For Vicki and Rich Fulop, the founders of cult-bedding company Brooklinen, it all started with some bedsheets in Las Vegas.

How many employees does Brooklinen have?

Employee Data Brooklinen has 125 Employees.

Why do people like Brooklinen?

Made from 100% long-staple cotton, the Brooklinen sheets have a very nice lived in feel about them. The build is extremely durable and dependable. Not to mention, the sheets are designed to soften up after each wash and dry cycle. The most notable feature about the Brooklinen sheets, their lightweight feel.

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Does Brooklinen have lifetime warranty?

This set comes with a silky-soft flat sheet, fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases for bed sizes from twin to California king. … But what really seals the deal for us is Brooklinen’s lifetime warranty, which means that if your sheets ever pill, rip or fray, the company will repair or replace them.

Are Brooklinen returns free?

Contact us at We do not charge any fees for returns.

Can I wash my Brooklinen comforter?

Can I wash my Comforter? The best maintenance for down is to be hung outside on a dry day any season and then shake the dust out of it, but you can also use the dryer on air fluff / no heat. For spills or stains, they can be spot cleaned with soft soap like Zero or Woolite.

How long does Brooklinen take to ship?

Brooklinen shipping depends on the processing time of the product that you have purchased. Once a product is processed, it takes about 3-7 days for your package to arrive at your doorstep. The processing times of different products are different. The products by Brooklinen are processed within 5-8 business days.

Can you return Brooklinen sheets after washing?

Can I return items even if it’s been washed or worn? Most definitely, If you don’t absolutely love your product you purchase from Brooklinen, return it!Within 365 and in any condition, they will initiate a return.

Do Brooklinen sheets pill?

Like all of Brooklinen’s lines of sheets, the Luxe set is made of 100 percent cotton. … Brooklinen sticks to the long-staple cotton that produces a stronger weave, so your sheets shouldn’t pill or fray.

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Can I put Brooklinen sheets in the dryer?

Your sheets will keep getting better after every wash and should be changed every week or so, alternating between sets to preserve quality. Wash on a cool or warm cycle, and line-dry naturally to preserve fibers, colors and elasticity. If you’re using a dryer, choose a low heat and a low tumble cycle.

Does thread count really matter?

High thread counts can certainly make for better sheets, but it’s the thread that matters most. … In fact, a sheet of a better-quality fiber with a lower thread count will feel softer and stand up to washing better than a sheet of a lower-quality fiber with a higher thread count.

What does percale mean?

Definition of percale : a fine closely woven cotton cloth variously finished for clothing, sheeting, and industrial uses.

Are Brooklinen sheets made from Egyptian cotton?

Want to know the secret to fancy schmancy bedding and a wonderful night’s sleep that doesn’t break the bank? Luxury bedding start-up Brooklinen shares their customer-raving formula for high-quality, fair cost bedding: Egyptian long-staple cotton, single-ply threads, 270+ thread count, and percale or sateen weaves.

What is the Brooklinen birthday bonus?

The birthday sale is sitewide and takes 20% off everything Brooklinen sells. Yep, that means duvet covers, comforters, bathrobes, loungewear, and more are on sale through next Wednesday. All you have to do is enter the code BDAY at checkout to upgrade your bedroom or bathroom and save big while doing it.

How do I contact Brooklinen?

Contact Us

  1. Call. 646-798-7447. Anytime between. 8am – 9pm EST.
  2. Email. Anytime between. 9am – 9pm EST.
  3. Write. Brooklinen HQ. 10 Jay St, Suite 700, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Can you buy Brooklinen in Canada?

Brooklinen Canada Shipping Brooklinen products are available online through the Brooklinen website.

What type of company is Brooklinen?

Brooklinen, Inc. is a company founded in 2014. Brooklinen is a company that produces and sells bedding, bathing, and loungewear fabric-based products. The company is founded by Rich Fulop and Vicki Fulop in 2014.