Is Batman 80 years old?

Batman, also known as the Caped Crusader and The Dark Knight, turns 80 years old on Saturday, having first appeared as wealthy playboy-turned-crime-fighter Bruce Wayne in Detective Comics #27 on March 30, 1939. …

Is Batman 81 years old?

His first-ever appearance in the DC Comics came in an issue of Detective Comics published on March 30, 1939, which is now officially recognized as his birthday. In real-world terms, this means that the Caped Crusader just turned 81 years old.

Who was Batman in 1970?

Adam West It stars Adam West as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Burt Ward as Dick Grayson/Robin two crime-fighting heroes who defend Gotham City from a variety of archvillains.

What is the rarest Batman comic?

DC: The 10 Rarest Batman Comics (& What They’re Worth)

  1. 1 Detective Comics #27 – $1,075,500.
  2. 2 Batman #1 – $567,625. …
  3. 3 Detective Comics #31 – $131,450. …
  4. 4 Detective Comics #38 – $126,500. …
  5. 5 Detective Comics #29 – $95,600. …
  6. 6 Batman #11 – $65,725. …
  7. 7 Batman #2 – $43,000. …
  8. 8 Batman #3 – $40,331. …

What day is Batman 80th Anniversary?

September 21 September 21 is Batman Day, with this year marking the 80th anniversary of The Caped Crusader making his debut appearance for DC Comics. To celebrate The Dark Knight’s exploits, there are events taking place around the world with special gifts and freebies to get your Batclaws on.

How old is the character Batman?

His first-ever appearance in the DC Comics came in an issue of Detective Comics published on March 30, 1939, which is now officially recognized as his birthday. In real-world terms, this means that the Caped Crusader just turned 81 years old.

How old is Selina Kyle in Gotham?

13-year-old Selina Kyle is introduced as a 13-year-old street orphan and skilled thief.

How old was Barbara in Batgirl?

18 years old In Batgirl #45, Barbara says that she was 18 years old when she was Batgirl.

How old is Alfred?

Pennyworth tells the story of a 26-year-old Alfred, long before Bruce Wayne is even born (or, spoiler alert, Thomas and Martha Wayne even like each other).

Was Batman popular in the 1960s?

The 1960s were a wild, rocky time in American history, and that was true in the world of the Dark Knight as well, who faced a serious sales slump until an out-of-nowhere television hit reinvigorated the character and expanded his world even further.

Was Batman in the 70s?

In the seventies, Batman began his transformation from the campy Caped Crusader of the sixties television show into the grim Dark Knight of the nineties’ motion pictures. This action-packed book includes the greatest adventures of that era which helped to reshape this legendary icon.

What 80s comics are worth money?

Most Expensive 1980s Comics #11 – #20

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (2nd Printing)
  • 2021 Update: 2nd printing is the poor man’s 1st printing. …
  • Amazing Spider-Man #252 (1984): …
  • Gobbledygook #1 (1984): …
  • Daredevil #181 (1981): …
  • Amazing Spider-Man #316 (1989): …
  • Superman (1988): …
  • Vampirella #113 (1988):

Who is richer Marvel or DC?

Spoiler alert: There’s a lot more Marvel movies than DC movies, and they made a lot more money. Marvel has produced 48 movies, which grossed $11.8 billion in North America. … DC has 29 movies, totaling just under $6.7 billion.

Which Batman comic is most valuable?

More Stories by Borys A near mint issue of Batman #1 has just sold for just over $2.2 million, setting a record for the most expensive Batman comic sold. The comic, published in 1940, sold as part of Heritage Auction’s comics and comic art events that kicked to Thursday and runs through Sunday.

Is today Batman day?

Batman Day is a global celebration. … Because of this, every year on the third Saturday in September, which falls on September 17 this year, we celebrate Batman and the ageless storytelling of his life through comic books and movies.

When was Batman created?

May 1939 Batman, American comic strip superhero created for DC Comics by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane. Batman debuted in May 1939 in Detective Comics no.

Who Killed Batman parents?

Joe Chill and his murder of the Waynes is one of the most brutal moments in the Batman comics, and one of the most iconic moments in comic history.

Was Alfred Pennyworth married?

A complete picture of Alfred’s home life is presented in the series, with a stern but loving father and a worried but supportive mother. He lives at home after spending ten years in the military and almost moves into his own flat with Esme while they are engaged to be married.

How tall is Batman?

According to the official encyclopedia, Batman is 6’2. For reference, that puts him as the same height as Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pratt, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s also the same height as Batman actor Adam West, and Lego Batman voice actor Will Arnett.

Why was Gotham Cancelled?

The most important reason for the cancellation of Gotham was undoubtedly the falling audience. The audience ratings decreased from year to year, and in the fourth season, they reached their lowest point. The broadcaster FOX decided on a fifth and final season anyway.

Is Selina Kyle older than Bruce Wayne?

So again Bruce is eight years older than Selina. In terms of the movies in the Nolanverse Batman Begins depicts Bruce’s 30th birthday. … In Selina’s criminal profile her date of birth is given as September 21, 1985 which would’ve made her 31 at the time. Once again Bruce is eight years older than Selina.

Is Selina Kyle dead?

The good news on the Selina Kyle front is that she didn’t die due to her wounds from being shot at the end of the penultimate episode, and she was evacuated out of Gotham even as Bruce refused to leave.

Why does Barbara Gordon have leg?

When out fighting crime, Barbara came close to the Joker, one of Batman’s biggest nemeses, and he got the better of her. During an exchange, the Joker shot her, and as a result, she lost the ability to use her legs. This plays out slightly differently in Titans, as Barbara lost one of her legs.

How old is Cassandra Cain?

18 years old It’s revealed that Cassandra is 18 years old. Cassandra’s birthday is January 26th. Her favorite tea is Assam. Cassandra was called Who Is All by Lady Shiva.

What happened to Batgirl?

During an interview, the 34-year-old Orange Is the New Black actress revealed the real reason she decided to resign from her role as Batwoman was largely due to an injury she sustained on-set of the show in 2019. She told EW, Being the lead of a superhero show is tough.

Is Alfred still dead?

Alfred in the main continuity may have been murdered by Bane, yet his presence remains in the form of flashbacks, drug-induced hallucinations, and in the case of Robin, a ghostly father figure offering old man gibberish. Since his death in Tom King and Tony Daniel’s City of Bane arc, Alfred has remained dead for an …

Is Alfred the only Butler?

In this version Alfred was an actor on the English Stage, who agreed to become the Wayne’s butler, only so as to honor the dying wish of his father. At the time he begins working for the Wayne’s when Bruce was but a young child.

Why does Alfred Call Bruce master?

It stands to reason Alfred should have started calling Bruce Mister Bruce when he became an adult, but perhaps out of respect to his father he still uses Master Bruce. This could also be a sign of affection for Bruce since Alfred has raised him from a young age.