Is BarkBox worth the money?

Money wise, BarkBox is a pretty decent good value, as the combined cost of the treats and toys you receive is usually substantially higher than what you pay for your monthly subscription.

How much is a BarkBox per month?

BarkBox delivers toys and treats to your home monthly with its dog subscription box. Boxes range from $23 to $35 per month and include toys, all-natural treats, and a chew.

What company owns BarkBox?

Northern Star Acquisition Corp. BARK serves over 1 million dogs monthly through BarkBox and Super Chewer subscriptions and retail distribution. On December 17, 2020, Barkbox, Inc. and Northern Star Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: STIC. … BarkBox.

Type of business E-commerce, subscription service
Launched December 2011

How do I get a 420 BarkBox?

To get the toys, make sure you select Add Toys to Box once you’re signed in to your account. If you already had a BarkBox subscription, you could’ve added them in the Add to Box option, but if you missed out (like me), you can email and their team will help you out.

How much does a chewy box cost?

6. Chewy Goody Box. Image via Chewy Goody Box. The Cost: Starting at $24.99 + free shipping on orders of over $49.00.

Is BarkBox Made in USA?

Our flagship product, BarkBox, is a monthly delivery of 2 original toys, designed in-house, 2 full bags of all-natural treats, and a chew. Our treats are made in the USA & Canada with domestic and imported ingredients, and our recipes never contain any wheat, soy, or corn.

What is included in BarkBox?

Our classic assortment is 2 toys, 2 treats, and 1 chew each month, but after your first box you can Tailor your assortment if something else would work better for your pup. Chews: Delicious and engaging edibles that are also made in the USA and Canada from domestic and imported ingredients.

What size BarkBox should I get?

Small: for mighty pups under 20 pounds. Medium: for tough pups 20-49 pounds. Large: for powerhouse pups over 50 pounds.

How long does BarkBox shipping take?

We ship out BarkBoxes within the first two weeks of every month with estimated delivery of 2-8 business days in the contiguous states and 8-12 business days in Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and other US territories.

When did BarkBox go public?

BarkBox Inc. and Northern Star Acquisition Corp. have completed its merger and will now be known as The Original BARK Co. Common stock and warrants commenced trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on June 2 under the ticker symbols BARK and BARK WS, respectively.

Are BarkBox treats good for dogs?

If your dog gets easily bored with the same treats and toys month after month, then BarkBox is definitely for your dog! Overall, this company works hard to offer premium toys and treats at a great price.

How do you get more toys on BarkBox?

You can add an extra toy each month by adjusting your subscription in the ‘Manage Subscription’ on your account dashboard page. If you are having difficulties adding or making adjustments to your pup’s BarkBox, please reach out to one of our Happy Ambassadors!

Where does Woof Pack ship from?

Woof Pack is a subscription box for pups based in Canada. Every month, they deliver natural, Canadian-made treats and chews, engaging toys and fun accessories for your pup!

Are there companies like BarkBox?

Best Dog Subscription Box 2021: Pet Treater vs BarkBox vs PupBox vs PupJoy vs Bullymake & More. Dog subscription box services are a great solution to having plenty of toys, treats, and health items on hand for your pup delivered to your door each month.

How much is a Chewy box per month?

With Chewy, all the Goodie Box subscriptions cost you $24.99 per month, and there are no options for a super-chewers.

Is BarkBox made in China?

Rhonda GarwoodBarkBox All of our treats are made in the US and Canada and we try to use domestic toy vendors as much as possible, but we do have some really great international toy vendors! We just canceled our subscription because all of the toys are made in China.

Are BarkBox toys non toxic?

Yes! Our Classic BarkBox toys are safe for pups that like to cuddle and squeak!

How does BarkBox make money?

About Barkbox: Our first product is a subscription discovery box of monthly toys, treats, bones, and goodies for your dog. 10% of every transaction is donated to rescue centers and shelters to help save more dogs everywhere.

Can you send just one BarkBox?

You can gift 1, 3, 6, or 12 months of BarkBox to any special pup in your life. Each BarkBox comes with 2 thoughtfully designed toys, 2 treats (with no corn, soy, or wheat), and a scrumptious chew. … Select if you’d like to give a gift card or start shipping boxes to their home.

Does BarkBox have cat stuff?

Is There a BarkBox for Cats? No, unfortunately Bark Box does not offer a monthly subscription box for cats. However, there are some Bark Box alternatives that can serve the needs of your kitty.

Can you do BarkBox every other month?

Change Frequency of Shipping. One little-known fact about BarkBox is that you can contact customer service to change the frequency of delivery. Maybe you do not need treats and toys every single month. Instead you can change delivery to every 2 months, for example, and spread out the deliveries.

How many toys do you get in a BarkBox?

two Each month’s BarkBox is packed with two original toys, two full bags of treats, and one delicious chewand it’s all designed around an original theme and customized to what your dog likes.

Is BarkBox easy to cancel?

You need to send an email to and ask the customer support to cancel your account.

Can you change BarkBox size?

Subscription information needs to be updated before the 15th of the upcoming month to make sure the changes will apply. Please log in to your account on with your username and password to edit your account. … In each area, you are able to edit information. Select an area & make the changes you want!

Are BarkBox and PupBox the same?

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs. … PupBox is a dog subscription box that primarily focuses on puppies, and their play and development. The monthly box includes guidance on age-appropriate training your new puppy, plus an array of 5-7 goodies, which always includes a bag of treats.

Does BarkBox ship to PO boxes?

BarkBox on Twitter: @mbo0726 we DO ship to PO boxes!!!Just add your PO address in the shipping address!