Is Bama Breeze a real place?

The Jimmy Buffett song Bama Breeze was written about this roadhouse as well as others (although the video for the song was made at the ruins of The Firedog Saloon in Bay St.Louis, Mississippi, another popular beach bar, that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005).

Who owns Flora-Bama?

In 2009, John McInnis and Cameron Price became co-owners of the Flora-Bama, along with Joe and Pat, to carry it into the next 50 years. Together these four owners have carried on the tradition of making the Country’s Best Beach Bar a place where everyone feels comfortable and leaves smiling.

How old is the Flora-Bama?

The Flora-Bama was constructed in 1964, just two years after the new bridge and road were completed.

How much is a Bushwacker at Flora-Bama?

At the Flora-Bama, a 12-ounce bushwacker in a clear plastic costs $7.75.

When did Flora-Bama open?

1964 In 1964, the enterprising Tampary family opened the Flora-Bama as a small bar and package store on the new state line, hoping to capitalize on the fact that Escambia County, Florida, was wet and Baldwin County, Alabama, was dry for alcohol sales.

Is there a bar called the Bama Breeze?

To memorialize my brief moment of fame, I decided to create a specialty drink called The Bama Breeze. It’s pink, fruity, refreshing and potent! Thousands of customers every year enjoy them at the open-air bar at LuLu’s that overlooks Homeport Marina (named after my parents’ home) on the Intracoastal Waterway.

When was Kenny Chesney at Flora-Bama?

2014 Chesney’s Flora-Bama-Jama was an unmitigated success. Announced as the country music superstar’s only concert appearance of 2014, the concert was named for the Flora-Bama Lounge and Package Store, an iconic, 50-year-old roadhouse situated just on the Florida side of the Florida/Alabama state line, in Pensacola.

Does Kenny Chesney own any bars?

The Kenny Chesney Bar – Flora-Bama Lounge.

Where is Jimmy Buffett Bama Breeze?

A video for the song Bama Breeze was filmed on July 28th, 2006 in Bay St.Louis, Mississippi at the old Fire Dog Saloon. The music video is about Hurricane Ivan’s effects on the Flora-Bama, a beach bar in Gulf Shores, Ala. We saw the FloraBama a couple of months after most of it was destroyed.

When was the last time Florida beat Alabama in football?

When was the last time Florida beat Alabama in football? The last time the Gators beat the Crimson Tide was back in 2008. In the SEC Championship Game, Florida, led by Tim Tebow, won by the score of 31-20.

What city is Flora-Bama bar in?

Perdido Key Flora-Bama / City One of the world’s top beach bars, The Flora-Bama Lounge is located uniquely on the Orange Beach, Alabama and Perdido Key, Florida line. This honky tonk has long been a landmark on it’s famous location.

Can kids go to Flora-Bama?

Flora-Bama is family friendly and all ages until 6pm. At 6pm we go to 18 and up and a cover charge. 18 to 20 year olds can stay all night as long as they are in the door by 10pm with no re-entry. 21 and up is always good.

Why is it called a Bushwacker?

The Bushwacker drink origin is actually the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Bushwacker Cocktail was first invented and sold in 1975 at The Ship’s Store & Sapphire Pub on St. Thomas. … The joint effort turned yummy drink was named after a visiting guest’s dog, Bushwack.

How many calories are in a Bushwacker?


Nutrition Facts
Servings: 1
Amount per serving
Calories 864
% Daily Value*

What is Orange Beach known for?

Orange Beach is near industrialized Mobile Bay and closer to the Mississippi River, which tans the white beach and often perpetuates a somewhat brackish hue in the water. … The Orange Beach Marina offers water recreation rentals, fishing excursions, dolphin sightseeing cruises, and parasailing.

Can you swim at Flora-Bama?

Yes, of course! You are welcome to utilize the beach behind the Flora-Bama and can walk through to the boardwalk for access beginning at 10AM daily.

Can you eat at Flora-Bama?

Flora-Bama’s World Famous Oyster Bar is a great way to start your visit. Come enjoy everything from burgers, wraps, and of course lots of oysters with lots of style. No trip to the beach is complete with fried shrimp or oysters, served with a Bushwacker.

What should I wear to Flora-Bama?

One of the coolest things about the Flora-Bama is that there is no dress code.

When did Bama Breeze come out?

2006 Bama Breeze / Released Jimmy’s Skynyrd shout-out comes in his 2006 song Bama Breeze. The first track on Jimmy’s album Take the Weather With You, the song was written by Mark Irwin, Josh Kear, and Chris Tompkins as a homage to the bars that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Is Florida Bama open?

You can get a cheeseburger again in a setting pretty close to some people’s idea of paradise. You can get a bushwacker, too, and listen to live music while your drink it. Normal ain’t like it used to be, but the Flora-Bama is open again.

What town is on the border of Alabama and Florida?

Flomaton, Alabama, and Century, Florida, are across the Alabama-Florida border from each other. Both cities share the same county name, Escambia.

Where was Kenny Chesney Flora Bama filmed?

Pensacola, Florida Kenny Chesney packed in a crowd of more than 40,000 on Saturday for his free Flora-Bama-Jama show at the legendary Flora-Bama Lounge in Pensacola, Florida, right on the Florida-Alabama state line.

How do you make Flora Bama Jama?


  1. oz. Bacardi light rum.
  2. oz. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum.
  3. oz. Malibu rum.
  4. Splash of orange juice.
  5. Splash of pineapple juice.
  6. Splash of grenadine.
  7. Maraschino cherry.
  8. Orange slice.

Is Kenny Chesney touring?

Kenny Chesney has added new dates and opening acts to his 2022 Here and Now Tour. The country hitmaker plugged two more stadium shows into a full slate of spring and summer concerts. … The Here and Now 2022 Tour now include stops in Charlotte, N.C. (April 30), and Columbus, Ohio (Aug. 18).

Does Kenny Chesney have a house in St. John?

As Hurricane Irma approaches the coast of Florida, country star Kenny Chesney is already dealing with the aftermath of the powerful storm. Chesney, who owns a home on the U.S. Virgin Island of St.John, spoke with HLN’s Robin Meade in a lengthy interview and detailed the devastation that his second home endured.

What bar does Kenny Chesney own in St. John?

The Quiet Mon Best Nightlife: The Quiet Mon was featured in the song Be As You Are by country singer Kenny Chesney, who owns a home on St. John and visits frequently.

Does Kenny Chesney have a restaurant in Nashville?

Kenny Chesney – Cafe Nashville.