How old is baby Margaret?


Margaret Tiger
Age 1 year old
Voice Actor Kira Gelineau
Relatives *Collette Tiger (mother) Daniel Striped Tiger (father) Daniel Tiger (older brother) Grandpere Tiger (paternal grandfather)
Occupation Daniel’s little sister Daniel Striped Tiger and Collette Tiger’s daughter Leo and Teddy Platypus friends of Margaret

What episode is baby Margaret born?

Meet The New Baby

Meet the New Baby
Season 2
Original Airdate August 18, 2014
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Does Daniel Tiger have a sister?

Season 2 of the popular series kicks off on Monday, August 18, on PBS KIDS (check local listings) with a special one-hour premiere celebrating the arrival of a new addition to the Tiger Family: Daniel Tiger’s little sister Margaret.

What is Daniel Tiger’s sister’s name?

Margaret Tiger Margaret Tiger (voiced by Kira Gelineau) Daniel’s little sister who was introduced in Season 2.

Is Mom a tiger Collette?

She’s never given a first name, leading to speculation her true identity may be Collette Tiger. … Mom Tiger.

Collette Tiger
Voice Actor Heather Bambrick

How tall is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?

7 inches tall Daniel Tiger measures 7 inches tall and features moveable arms and legs.

What episode is grown ups come back?

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood The Grownups Come Back Season 4 Episode 12 PBS.

What are Daniel Tiger’s friends names?

Daniel has had the same group of preschool friendsPrince Wednesday, Katerina Kittycat, O the Owl, and Miss Elainasince the show was created in 2012. It’s a big deal for Daniel and the young viewers of Daniel Tiger that he’s getting a new friend: Jodi Platypus.

What episode does Daniel Tiger become a big brother?

The Tiger Family Grows/Daniel Learns Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood The Tiger Family Grows/Daniel Learns About Being a Big Brother (TV Episode 2014) – IMDb.

Why is Miss Elaina called?

Lady Elaine has been paired with Music Man Stan (who actually dates back to the original show). They cut back on her eye make-up and toned down that red nose. Then they gave her a daughter named Miss Elaina, which is sort of awesome since they’re essentially calling her Lady Elaine Jr.

Does O the Owl have autism?

Ambiguous Disorder: O the Owl shows several signs of high functioning autism. … He also sometimes is particularly upset by loud noises that don’t really bother others, another trait of high functioning autism.

Are Katarina and O the Owl related?

Katerina and O the Owl have a brother-sister dynamic.

What is Prince Wednesday’s dad’s name?

Prince Wednesday
Age 4
Voice Actor Nicholas Kaegi (season 1) Jaxon Mercey (season 2 – season 4) Matthew Mucci(current)
Relatives *King Friday (father) Queen Sarah Saturday (mother) Prince Tuesday (older brother) Chrissie (older cousin)
Occupation Actor Singer Dancer Television show host Musician Songwriter

Who is Miss Elaina’s mom?

Lady Elaine Fairchilde Miss Elaina lives with her mom, Lady Elaine Fairchilde and dad, Music Man Stan in the Museum-Go-Round.

Why is grandpere Tiger French?

Grandpre is the French word for grandfather, and this Grandpre is not only a grandfatherly figure, but he is in fact a grandfather to another puppet, Collette, who occasionally comes from France to visit. It was once revealed that Grandpre’s full name is Henri Frederique de Tigre.

Who is the black girl on Daniel Tiger?

Miss Elaina
Voice Actor Addison Holley (season 1 – season 4) Markeda McKay (season 5 – present)
Relatives Lady Elaine Fairchilde (mother) Music Man Stan (father)
Hair color Black
Cartoon debut Daniel’s Birthday

Why does Daniel Tiger and his dad not wear pants?

Dad Tiger, who is believed to be the adult version of Daniel Striped Tiger, doesn’t wear pants probably because Daniel Striped Tiger didn’t wear clothes at all. … Mom wearing pants dispels the notion of the proper TV mom. So often, moms on other kids shows wear dresses, just in case you forget they’re women.

Is Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Based on Mr Rogers?

The first TV series inspired by the iconic Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood stars 4-year-old Daniel Tiger, who invites young viewers into his world, giving them a kid’s-eye view of his life.

What race is Jodi platypus?

Jodi Platypus is a female brown platypus who is the newest character alongside the rest of the platypus family to be introduced in Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood as well as The Crazy Life of the 20 Animal Friends.

Does Daniel Tiger have a grandma?

Granny Tiger is Daniel Tiger and Margaret Tiger’s grandmother, Daniel Striped Tiger’s mother, Mom Tiger’s mother-in-law and Grandpere Tiger’s wife. … Johanna Tiger.

Granny Tiger
Cartoon debut Daniel and Granny Tiger

What does UGGA mugga mean?

I Love You Song Ugga Mugga Means I Love You Song.

What does Chrissie have on Daniel Tiger?

Help kids to appreciate the similarities and differences among their peers with Daniel Tiger. Daniel meets Chrissie, a girl who uses crutches and leg braces to help her walk. He has never seen braces before and wonders what they are.

Who is Daniel Tiger’s girlfriend?

Katerina Kittycat
Age 4
Voice Actor Amariah Faulkner (Seasons 1-3) Jenna Weir (Season 4-Present.)
Relatives Henrietta Pussycat (mother)
Occupation Dancer

Who is Daniel from Big Brother?

Daniel Hayes Daniel Hayes may not be the most recognisable name on the Big Brother VIP line up, but after playing the game so well during his 62-day stint on Big Brother 2021, he may be the one to watch. He’s chaotic, funny, and polarising, but the 48-year-old has proven that reality TV is his domain.