How do you use the word Blimey?

Blimey Sentence Examples

  1. It’s like when you watch Frost and think, blimey that’s clever, how did they do that?
  2. Now, I’ve seen some movie psychos in my time but this… Blimey!
  3. Blimey… apologies for all of that… …
  4. Blimey, that really is incredibly smokey, thinks I. Let’s open the window.

What is Bly?

Filters. (now chiefly dialectal) Likeness; resemblance; look aspect; species; character. I see a bly of your father about you.

What does Blimey slang mean?

exclamation of surprise or annoyance blimey. / (blam) / interjection. British slang an exclamation of surprise or annoyance.

What is another word for blimey?

What is another word for blimey?

geez crikey
cripes gee
gee whiz golly
goodness gosh
gracious heavens

Is Bly real?

The novel depicts a manor house simply called Bly in the Essex countryside, but this is actually a fictional place in both the film and book.

Where is Bly Manor located?

Vancouver The mansion is actually the Cecil Green Park House which is at the University of British Columbia, and this is in Vancouver. The Tudor-style home is very recognizable thanks to its architectural features which is why some fans with a keen eye might have caught onto its repeated use.

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What does Bly mean in texting?


Acronym Definition
BLY Boart Longyear Limited
BLY Better Love Yourself (college transition mentoring)
BLY Becke-Lee-Yang (problem; gamma function theory)

What does Crikey mean in British?

surprise crikey in American English (kraki ) interjection. British, Slang. used to express surprise, wonder, etc. Word Frequency.

Where did the word Geez come from?

Geez comes from a shortening of Jesus, which makes it a euphemisma milder way of saying something that may be considered offensive, blasphemous, or harsh. Many other words like this (often called mild oaths or minced oaths) are formed in a similar way. The word gosh, for example, is an alteration of the word God.

What is a synonym for Crikey?

crikeyinterjection. Used as an exclamation of astonishment, or as an emphasis of fact at the conclusion of a statement. Crikey, that’s a big one! Synonyms: criminy, crivvens, cripes.

Is Bly in Essex?

James’ story states that Bly is located in the English county of Essex, but in reality, there is nowhere called Bly in Essex. There is a village called Blyborough in England, but it’s in Lincolnshire county.

Is Bly Manor connected to Hill House?

Midnight Mass does share some external connections with Hill House and Bly Manor, though. Much like the American Horror Story seasons, Flanagan likes to use many of the same collaborators from one project to another, though.

Is it the same house in Haunting of Bly Manor?

It is one of the elements that is consistent in Hill House and Bly Manor, which establishes the premise of the series and its story. In Hill House, the Crain family move into the Hill House to rebuild the house and eventually sell it. … In Bly Manor, it remains as a primary residence for the Wingrave family.

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Where was the others filmed?

Spain Filming locations are, among other spots, Palacio de los Hornillos in Las Fraguas, Cantabria, Northern Spain, and in Madrid.

Where was midnight filmed?

Where was Midnight Mass filmed? In spite of its dark, beaten-down vibe, Crockett Island is actually filmed in the bucolic Garry Point Park in British Columbia, Canada.

Is Bly Manor a remake?

Titled The Haunting of Bly Manor, it is based on The Turn of the Screw by Henry James. Though it would serve as a follow-up series to The Haunting of Hill House, it is a standalone story, indicating that there would be no dramatic link between The Haunting of Bly Manor and its predecessor.

What does bl Y mean?

blynoun. Likeness; resemblance; look aspect; species; character. I see a bly of your father about you. Etymology: Probably from a dialectal variant of blee.

Is Bly a female name?

The name Bly is primarily a female name of English origin that means Gentle, Happy.

What does Byl stand for?


Acronym Definition
BYL Before You Leave
BYL Beaverton Youth Lacrosse (Beaverton, OR)
BYL Bangladesh Youth League
BYL Blow Your Load