‘Finding ‘Ohana’ Trailer Reveals Netflix’s Hawaiian Treasure-Hunting Adventure in 2021.

Netflix just released the trailer of their new adventure movie Finding Ohana, hat how two kids from Brooklyn went to Oahu for a vacation and discovered their Hawaiian heritage and a treasure hunting adventure. It kinda looks very much like The Goonies in Hawaii, and I am extremely here for it. The movie Finding Ohana is directed by Jude Weng from a script by famous comic book writer Christina Strain. Finding Ohana focuses on the story where siblings Pili and loane who are visiting their grandfather in Oahu for the summer. Where they were both struggling to adjust to life on the island when they suddenly learn that their grandfather is on the verge of losing the family home. Pili discovers an old journal that tells them the location of a hidden treasure and Pili and Loane set to find and tries to save their grandfather’s house. Then they joined by some other plucky kids, as is the way with these movies, and possibly some angry ghosts on their way to claiming the loot.

Finding ‘Ohana’

The trailer seems very charming and fun and reminds us of the movie Goonies. However, it is inspired by the film Goonies Finding Ohana looks like it has used the unique culture and heritage of Hawaii to create a treasure hunting adventure that very much has its own identity.

Finding ‘Ohana’
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