Fans can’t get over with Jennifer Garner’s glamorous selfie with Hollywood friends in the New Year 2021.

In the selfie of the “13 going 30” movie’s actress Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon snapped with a sultry look at the camera. “Remember getting dressed up and going out with the ladies? It is coming to its coming happy New Year” Jennifer wrote. Jennifer Garner’s friends quickly replied, “Oh I can’t wait to prepare for fun times in 2021”. Fans of Jennifer Garner couldn’t get over the star power, commented “OMG all of my favs in one pic”, “Looking good girls”. Jennifer Garner has three children and often praise for her personable and down to earth nature when it comes to social interaction in social media. When Jennifer Garner reached 10 million followers on Instagram she posted a video of her in bikini body that was stunning. Jennifer Garner posted two videos of the swimming pool, in one clip she was from her show Alias where she shows Jennifer Garner glamorously coming out from the swimming pool in slow motion, wearing a beautiful blue bikini with a pair of high heels. The other video was a small video but more realistic one where Jennifer Garner showed her stumbling to the water and knee-length wetsuit and her feet with a pair of UGG slippers.

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Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner posted with a caption ” I am awfully grateful for everyone in this community to celebrate all 10 million you here is the video I promised my manager and publicist I would never post. at some point in 2021, ladies, I will try to look cute just for you. #thankyou.”

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