Emma Mackey: “Death on the Nile” dream come true movie, releasing in 2021.

When we saw the trailer, It felt really Hollywood. Emma Mackey spent the last few months of shooting 2019 filming Death on the Nile, the second of Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot adaptations. It is a big-budget big-name Disney Extravaganza and for 25 years old Mackey it is going to be a blockbuster. ” I had never really had that experience of walking into a studio before where the sets were all built, and the costumes were tailored to my body, and I had a wig and it was just..” She said. “It completely blows my mind still”. Death on the Nile is one of those movies that was delayed due to the Covid Pandemic. it supposed to be in theaters last October but due to Covid19 Disney has delayed it to September 2021.

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Emma Mackey said that she loved the outfit the set everything. The movie stars Armie Hammer, Gal Gadot, Sophie Okonedo, and Annette Bening as well as Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. Emma Mackey was seen in the Netflix series S3x Education where she plays a rough and tough girl, book lover, riot girl but with heart of gold. they filmed the third season with lots of restrictions. Emma Mackey grew up mostly in the Pays de la Loire region of France with an English mother and a French father. At the age of 17, she moved to England to study English at the University of Leeds. where she realized that acting is for her so she moved to London and got her first role in S3x Education.

Emma Mackey

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