Can you still buy Hamdingers?

Hamdingers were a short lived meat product produced by the Patrick Cudahy Company out of Cudahy, WI in the mid 70’s (they trademarked the name Hamdinger in 1976, and that Trademark has expired and is available if you feel the need to own it).

What is a Hamdinger?

: a striking or extraordinary person or thing That was one humdinger of a storm. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About humdinger.

Does Hormel still make ham patties?

Unfortunately no. When we discontinue our products they are no longer in stores and we don’t have any extra on hand.

Who makes canned ham?

Best Canned Ham

Best Canned Ham Rating
1. DAK Premium Fully Cooked Canned Ham 99%
2. HORMEL Canned Ham, Smoked 96%
3. Dak Premium Ham 92%
4. Hormel, 5oz Can, Smoked Ham 89%

Where are Hormel plants located?

Austin, Minnesota Hormel Foods

Hormel Place in Austin, Minnesota
Founded 1891 (as George A. Hormel & Company)
Founder George A. Hormel
Headquarters Austin, Minnesota , U.S.
Number of locations 40 Manufacturing & Distribution Facilities

What foods does Hormel make?

In addition to our iconic SPAM brand and HORMEL branded products, our family includes:

  • Applegate brand.
  • Columbus craft meats.
  • Dinty Moore stew.
  • Herdez salsa.
  • Jennie-O brand.
  • Justin’s brand.
  • SKIPPY brand.
  • Wholly Guacamole brand.