Are there any good food podcasts?

If you’re looking for one food podcast that ticks all the boxes, The Splendid Table is it. … Episodes run about an hour long and range in topic from food in the age of social media and the history of sauces to the art of the sandwich and the power of scent. Listen to The Splendid Table.

What chefs have podcasts?

Best 25 Chef Podcasts

  • Chef Charles Carroll Podcast by a Professional Chef.
  • Desert Island Dishes Podcast.
  • Radio Cherry Bombe.
  • Gravy Podcast Southern Foodways Alliance.
  • The Mitchen.
  • A Taste of the Past Heritage Radio Network.
  • Flavors Unknown Chef Podcast.
  • The Food Fight.

What do food podcasts talk about?

Food history, modern food trends, food science, food culture, food policy, and other topics are discussed. Food podcasts are often hosted by a food expert and feature interviews with others in the food industrychefs, writers, stylists, policymakers, activists, scientists, historians, and others.

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Does Bon Appetit have a podcast?

Expect strong opinions, tons of recipe inspiration, and more food puns than we’d like to admit. … Episodes air every Thursday. Subscribe here, or listen wherever you get your podcasts.

What are the best free podcasts?

Here’s our ultimate list of the best (and free) podcasts you need to listen to, as compiled by Cosmopolitan’s very own podcast-junkies.

  • Suspect.
  • Bad Bad Thing.
  • Where the Bodies are Buried.
  • Doctor Death.
  • Teacher’s Pet.
  • Up And Vanished.
  • The Dropout.

How many food podcasts are there?

According to Chartable, today there are 4,879 food-themed podcasts in the Apple Podcasts library. Though most foodcasts are in English (81.2 %), there are food podcasts in quite a few other languages as well, including French, German, Swedish, Japanese and Chinese.

What to listen to while cooking?

10 Podcasts to Listen to While Cooking

  • Terrible, Thanks for Asking.
  • Serial.
  • Reveal.
  • Dr. Death.
  • Revisionist History.
  • Last Seen.
  • The Lonely Hour.
  • Happy Face.

What are the best podcasts 2020?

The Best Podcasts of 2020

  • 8. Dead Eyes …
  • 7. Wind of Change …
  • 6. Articles of Interest …
  • 5. Nice White Parents, Fiasco: The Battle for Boston, The Promise …
  • 4. Lost Notes: 1980 …
  • 3. Unfinished: Short Creek …
  • 2. Reveal: American Rehab …
  • 1. Floodlines

Does Food Network have a podcast?

Food Network Obsessed: The Official Podcast of Food Network.

Where can I launch my podcast?

Starting a podcast on Google Play Store is a great way to reach more potential listeners. Start by visiting the Google Play Podcasts portal. Click Add a Podcast and paste your podcast’s RSS feed URL, then click Submit RSS Feed.

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Is Bon Appetit podcast coming back?

And we’re kicking it off with a six-episode series from Healthyish. Welcome to the Healthyish podcast, a six-part miniseries that takes a close-up look at food and wellness in all their delicious complexity.

Who is Amanda Shapiro?

Cond Nast named Amanda Shapiro as the acting deputy director of Bon Apptit on Tuesday, after the swift fall of the magazine’s former editor in chief, Adam Rapoport, who resigned on Monday.

What is FoodCAST?

FoodCAST is a research project which addresses the complex issues surrounding food with an unprecedented innovative and multidisciplinary approach. Read more.

What is the number 1 podcast?

Top podcasts

Podcast Industry Ranking
Top 20 Podcasts
Rank Podcast Publisher
1 The Daily The New York Times
2 NPR News Now NPR

What are the 10 most popular podcasts?

The Top 10 Most Popular Podcasts:

  1. THE JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE. Hosted by Joe Rogan.
  2. TED TALKS DAILY. Hosted by Elise Hu.
  3. THE DAILY. Hosted by Michael Barbaro.
  4. THE MICHELLE OBAMA PODCAST. Hosted by Michelle Obama.
  5. CALL HER DADDY. Hosted by Alexandra Cooper.

What is the best podcast to listen to right now?

The 50+ Best Podcasts of 2021 to Listen to Right Now

  • Dark House. House Beautiful. …
  • Fat Mascara. Podchaser. …
  • Criminal. Radiotopia. …
  • The Sporkful. Stitcher. …
  • Welcome to Your Fantasy. Spotify. …
  • You Must Remember This. …
  • Griefcast With Cariad Lloyd. …
  • Song Exploder.

What types of podcasts are most popular?

In October 2020, it was found that the most popular podcast genre in the United States was comedy, with 22 percent of respondents to a survey stating that they were very interested in podcasts designed to make them laugh. News podcasts and those based on true crime were also popular choices, as well as sport and health …

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How do I know if my podcast is doing well?

If your new episode gets, within 7 days of its release:

  1. more than 26 downloads, you’re in the top 50% of podcasts.
  2. more than 72 downloads, you’re in the top 25% of podcasts.
  3. more than 231 downloads, you’re in the top 10% of podcasts.
  4. more than 539 downloads, you’re in the top 5% of podcasts.

How can you tell how popular a podcast is?

The easiest way to see how many listeners a podcast has is to check out podcast download numbers and the number of subscribers. This is possible for podcasts that are hosted on platforms such as Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, SoundCloud, and others. To estimate the number of listeners, you can use a Web analytic tool.

What song is suitable for cooking?

The Best Songs To Cook To

1 Modern Love – 2018 Remaster David Bowie 4:48
2 Somebody That I Used To Know Gotye, Kimbra 4:04
3 Lovely Day Bill Withers 4:14
4 Cool Me Down The Black Seeds 4:59
5 Burning Down The House Tom Jones, The Cardigans 3:39

What are the top 5 podcasts?

Top 100 US Podcasts (Apple Podcasts Top Charts)

  • Podcast Name: The Thing About Helen & Olga. …
  • Podcast Name: The Always Sunny Podcast. …
  • Podcast Name: Crime Junkie. …
  • Podcast Name: The Daily. …
  • Podcast Name: Morbid: A True Crime Podcast. …
  • Podcast Name: Dateline NBC. …
  • Podcast Name: The Ben Shapiro Show.

What is the most interesting podcast?

A definitive list of the 35 most interesting podcasts ever made

  • Stuff You Should Know. …
  • The Memory Palace. iTunes Stitcher. …
  • Philosophize This! iTunes Stitcher. …
  • How I Built This. iTunes Stitcher. …
  • Reply All. iTunes Stitcher. …
  • Radiolab. iTunes Stitcher. …
  • Lore. iTunes Stitcher. …
  • Pod Save America. iTunes Stitcher.