Are Barbies from the 90s worth anything?

Collectible Barbie dolls are some of the most valuable ’90s toys. … A Jeweled Splendor Barbie usually goes for around $150, while a Pink Splendor Barbie has sold for a whopping $1,000.

What Barbies came out in the 90s?

Some of our favorites from the 90’s collection were:

  • Bead Blast Barbie.
  • My Size Barbie.
  • Teen Talk Barbie.
  • Happy Holidays Barbie.
  • Fountain Mermaid Barbie.

How much is a 1997 Barbie doll worth?

It came out in 1997 and today, it can be worth over $500 for collectors who have one in its original box! Why so expensive? This porcelain Barbie has over 50,000 stitches in her dress with over 175 Swarovski crystals hand sewn in.

How much is the 1999 Millennium Barbie worth?

The 1999 Millennium Princess Barbie doll had an original retail price of $39.95 when she was introduced. She must have been greatly overproduced, as she is selling now everyday for under $20 in some cases. The African American and Teresa versions are slightly higher – but not much.

How much is a 1996 Barbie doll worth?

Released in 1996, the Pink Splendor Barbie is the most expensive retail Barbie ever, originally priced at a whopping $900. If you’re inclined to buy this collector’s item now, though, you can find her on Amazon for just $339!

How do I know if my Barbie doll is valuable?

Even if a doll is in perfect condition, if the supply exceeds its demand on the market, it will likely be worth very little. Aside from rare collectors’ models, your Barbie’s age will be the most likely factor in determining its rarity; the older your doll is, the more rare it will probably be.

Are vintage Barbies worth anything?

Vintage Barbie dolls on the market from 1959 to the late 1960s are especially prized among collectors. Often, these Barbies had bendable legs or red hair, and they are considered some of the most rare and valuable. Today, the price of a mint condition Barbie from this era can run close to $25,000.

What is the rarest Barbie?

11 Rarest Barbies in Existence

  • Water Lily.
  • 1988 Happy Holidays.
  • Marie Antoinette.
  • Inland Steel Barbie.
  • 1997 Misprint 10th Anniversary Holiday Barbie.
  • Midnight Red Barbie.
  • De Beers Barbie.
  • Barbie by Stefano Canturi.

What is the most valuable Barbie doll?

The most expensive Barbie doll in history is the Stefani Canturi Barbie, valued at a mind boggling $302,500. This highly prized collectible was manufactured in 2010 with elegant blonde hair and the traditional Barbie features. There are two things that make this Barbie so very special.

What does the 1999 Holiday Barbie look like?

Holiday Treasures Barbie Doll 1999 She wears a beautiful red gown with a corset-like bodice and a full skirt embellished with golden sequins and beads. Her lovely upswept hair is adorned with a red and golden ribbon. She carries a small dated ornament that is sure to warm up your holiday!

How much are my old Barbie dolls worth?

Original Barbie – The original first edition Barbie from 1959 is very rare. Money, Inc. reports that even in played-with condition, she is worth $8,000. In pristine condition, she could be worth more than $27,000.

What Barbies are collectible?

The 15 Most Valuable Barbie Dolls

  • 9 Karl Lagerfeld Barbie – $6,000.
  • 10 Aqua Queen of the Prom Barbie – $5,000. …
  • 11 La Belle Epoque Barbie Doll – $1,395. …
  • 12 Marie Antoinette Barbie – $1,250. …
  • 13 Barbie by Devi Kroell – $1,075. …
  • 14 Carol Spencer Holiday Barbie – $999. …
  • 15 Pink Splendor Barbie – $385+ …

How can I sell my old Barbie dolls?

What are 1966 Barbies worth?

They are very rare and can sell between $500 and $1,000 if in mint condition. The second answer is more complicated: Mattel had the Twist N Turn waist for the Barbie doll patented in 1966, and that design of waist/body was used for dolls sold between 1967 and 1999.

Which dolls are worth money?

These Collectible Dolls Are Now Worth a Fortune

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figurines. Price tag: $150.
  • Blue Snaggletooth. Price tag: Up to $350.
  • Sand People Figurine (1978) Price tag: $450.
  • Devi Kroell Barbie. Price tag: $1,075.
  • Marie Antoinette Barbie. Price tag: $1,250.
  • 45. ‘ …
  • Calvin Klein Barbie. …
  • Coach Barbie.

What happened to Kelly Barbie?

Kelly was introduced in 1995 and retired in 2010. She was replaced by Chelsea in 2011. Kelly’s body style changed around late 2008 to have less short and stubby arms and look older.

How do you date a Barbie doll?

What old dolls are worth money?

French and German dolls, especially bisque dolls, are the most valuable kinds of antique dolls.

What is the 1988 Holiday Barbie worth?

$450 to $650 Based on my research, values for a mint in the box 1988 Holiday Barbie range from $450 to $650, a 1989 Holiday Barbie from $125 to $150, and a 1990 Holiday Barbie from $65 to $100.

How much is a Bild Lilli doll worth?

Approximately 130,000 were produced. Today Lilli is a collector’s piece and commands prices up to several thousand euros, depending on condition, packaging and clothes. In the Coburg Doll Museum, you can still see over 1,000 historic dolls today, including the grandmother of the world-famous Barbie.

How much is Midge Barbie worth?

The pregnant Midge doll, he said, can go up to $400 in value if in mint condition.

When did the first black Barbie come out?

1980 The original Black Barbie made her debut in 1980. Though beloved friends of Barbie like Christie and Francie — were introduced over the preceding decades, this was the first black fashion doll to be hailed as Barbie herself.

What was black Barbie’s name?

Christie Christie (19682005, 2015) Barbie doll’s first African-American friend character, Christie was part of the new group of Talking dolls for 1968. Christie was later issued as a Twist ‘N Turn version.

What is the rarest toy on earth?

10 Most Expensive Toys and Games: From Diamond Barbie to Astolat Dollhouse Castle

  • Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear $2.1 million.
  • Golden Monopoly $2 million.
  • The Masterpiece Cube Rubik’s Cube $1.5 million.
  • Gold Rocking Horse $600,000.
  • Stefano Canturi Barbie or Diamond Barbie $302,500.

What is the oldest Barbie doll?

On March 9, 1959, the first Barbie doll goes on display at the American Toy Fair in New York City. Eleven inches tall, with a waterfall of blond hair, Barbie was the first mass-produced toy doll in the United States with adult features. The woman behind Barbie was Ruth Handler, who co-founded Mattel, Inc.

Why do Barbies have holes in their feet?

1958 stamped on Barbie’s tush, you shouldn’t assume you have an original 1959 Barbie. Szekely said Mattel used that imprint on dolls manufactured as late as 1966. … Also, Szekely told me, 1959 vintage Barbies had holes drilled in their feet so you could prop them up on their stands.

How can you tell if a Barbie is vintage?

The TNT vintage dolls have waists that twist on an angle and not straight across like the contemporary Barbie dolls. You can also tell if your Barbie is relatively new if she has large plastic earrings, a plastic ring made from the little plastic bolt on her finger, or very thick blond hair.