The state also found that Kamrava was negligent in the care of two other patients a major factor in the decision to revoke his license. This is not a one-patient case or a two-patient case; it is a three-patient case and the established causes of discipline include repeated negligent acts, the board decision reads.

Octomom Nadya Suleman’s doctor, Michael Kamrava, loses medical license after long investigation. More than two years after the birth of Nadya (Octomom) Suleman’s eight children, the doctor who implanted her with 12 embryos has had his medical license revoked.

The Suleman octuplets are six male and two female children conceived via in vitro fertilization (IVF) and subsequently born to Nadya Suleman on January 26, 2009, in Bellflower, California. Residing in Lancaster, California, they are the first known octuplets to survive their infancy.

Feb. 23, 2009 — Denis Beaudoin, the man who says he could be the biological father of Nadya Suleman’s octuplets, said he donated his sperm to her three times without asking questions because he was young and in love. Beaudoin said he thought it was out of the ordinary when she asked him to donate.

Nadya works as a counselor with patients who have drug and alcohol addictions, and she has managed to make ends meet with the help of government assistance, the public figure told The New York Times in 2018. Additionally, Nadya is busy working on a book that she started in graduate school, she told the outlet.

Nonuplets (9) A set of nonuplets were born on 13 June 1971, in Sydney, Australia to Geraldine Brodrick and her husband Leonard. They were five boys and four girls; two of the boys were stillborn and the last surviving of the babies, named Richard, died six days after birth.