By 1973, Effie has become an impoverished welfare mother living in Detroit with her daughter Magic. To restart her music career, she hires Marty as her manager and begins performing at a local club.

As much as Deena Jones, Beyonc Knowles’ character in Dreamgirls, was modeled on Diana Ross, the film’s main character, Effie White, was based on Etta James, according to composer Henry Krieger.

In 2010 and 2011, Jennifer made headlines for dropping 80 pounds as a Weight Watchers spokeswoman. Beyonce Knowles took on the part of Deena Jones in Dreamgirls. She replaced Effie White as the lead singer of the Dreamettes after Curtis Taylor Jr. decided to make her the star.

20-30 EFFIE WHITE African American woman, 20-30. Vibrant young woman who is as oversized in talent as she is in person. Effie is the true powerhouse in the group, a soaring singer whose voice overpowers and transcends Deena’s and Lorrell’s.

Answer: Curtis Effie accused Curtis of sleeping with Deena before he was finished with her. The looks on both Curtis and Deena’s faces confirmed her suspicions. After kicking Effie out of the group, they were able to become more public about their relationship, and eventually married.

Written by composer Henry Krieger and playwright Tom Eyen, Dreamgirls is said to be a fictional story based on girl groups of the 1960s such as The Supremes, The Shirelles and The Marvelettes – but speculation that it was based on The Supremes and their relationship with Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records has been …

Sparkle is a remake of a 1976 film of the same name, which gave birth to the iconic Motown hit Something He Can Feel and was based loosely on the real-life rise to fame of Diana Ross and the Supremes.

Mary Wilson Mary Wilson, who co-founded The Supremes and remained a member of the group until they split up, has died at the age of 76. The singer passed away at her home in Henderson, Nevada, her publicist Jay Schwartz announced, but he did not confirm the cause of death.

In Dreamgirls, Eddie Murphy plays James Thunder Early, a character who’s part James Brown, part Little Richard, and all Eddie Murphy. … Like the rest of the cast, Eddie does all his own singing in the film, but even he admits that the pop albums he put out in the ’80s weren’t a good example of what he could do.

Beyonc expected an offer, but wouldn’t audition and so she didn’t get one, Rudin told Page Six. The New York-based casting director noted that several of the singer’s fellow R&B divas felt otherwise, but ultimately the part went to a lesser-known talent who was one of Beyonc’s costars in 2006’s Dreamgirls.

Despite what people might think, Hudson and Beyonc actually became good friends while filming Dreamgirls. … Hudson even admitted to attending the singer’s Formation World Tour, where she got some love from her co-star during a performance of Survivor.

According to the actor (via MTV News), he didn’t enjoy filming that scene with Bey because he had it in the back of his mind that she was Jay-Z’s girl. He said all he heard in his head during the on-screen lip-lock was, Jiggg-aaah!

Curtis Taylor, Jr. is the main antagonist of the musical Dreamgirls. He is loosely based on record producer Berry Gordy, creator of Motown records. In the film, he was portrayed by Jamie Foxx. In the original Broadway production, he was portrayed by Ben Harney.

JENNIFER HUDSON’s Oscar-nominated turn as EFFIE WHITE is loosely based on SUPREMES singer FLORENCE BALLARD’s tragic life, but, unlike Effie’s film triumph, the real singer was kicked out of the soul trio and never invited back. … She would think about the other Supremes, start drinking and then cry.

Dreamgirls The film adaptation of Dreamgirls stars Jamie Foxx as Curtis, Beyonc as Deena, Eddie Murphy as Jimmy, Danny Glover as Marty, Jennifer Hudson as Effie, Anika Noni Rose as Lorrell, and Keith Robinson as C.C.. Dreamgirls was first exhibited in special ten-day road show engagements beginning December 25, 2006.

30 Who was Effie in love with? Answer: Curtis Taylor Jr. Effie (played by Jennifer Hudson) and Curtis shared an attraction from very early on in their professional relationship.

Detroit, the early 1960s. Curtis Taylor, Jr., a car salesman, breaks into the music business with big dreams. He signs a trio of young women, the Dreamettes, gets them a job backing an R&B performer, James Thunder Early, establishes his own record label and starts wheeling and dealing.

We weren’t being catty to each other. None of the craziness that usually breaks up bands was there. The other two members of the group, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, agree. This is nothing to tear up about, Rowland says.

Despite their lengthy relationship, Ross never married Gordy. Nonetheless, their lives shifted when she became pregnant with her first child, Rhonda Ross. Although Gordy was Rhonda’s biological father, he and Ross didn’t tell their daughter the truth until she was 13.

Over the next several years, the relationship between Ballard and Gordy became more and more strained, as the all-powerful Motown boss sought to make Ross the star of The Supremes. … Ballard’s album for ABC was shelved, sending her musical career into a downward spiral.

When Sister ends up in jail for accidentally killing her abusive beau and the middle sister goes off to college, Sparkle (Sparks), a reluctant singer but gifted songwriter, steps up to the microphone solo.

This film is the debut of R&B/pop singer and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks as an actress. Sparkle also marks Whitney Houston’s fifth and final feature film role before her death on February 11, 2012, three months after filming ended. The film is dedicated to her memory.

Mary Wilson funeral plans set; Supreme will be laid to rest in private L.A. ceremony. Mary Wilson will be laid to rest Tuesday in Los Angeles in a private ceremony, her family told the Detroit Free Press.

There’s Only One Member of the Original Supremes Lineup Still Alive Today. On Feb. 8, 2021 Mary Wilson, one of the founding members of The Supremes, died suddenly.

Actress Sharon Leal who played Michelle Morris in Dreamgirls is adding singer and songwriter to her list of talents by releasing the first music video from her upcoming solo EP, LEAL, for her song Giant.

Track listing

No. Title Performer(s)
1. I’m Somebody2 Knowles, Rose, Leal
2. When I First Saw You Foxx
3. Patience (Henry Krieger, Willie Reale) Murphy, Rose, Robinson
4. I Am Changing Hudson