1a : to fear greatly can’t swim and dreads the water a dreaded disease. b archaic : to regard with awe. 2 : to feel extreme reluctance to meet or face dread the future dreaded telling him the truth dread the thought of speaking in public.

Some common synonyms of dread are alarm, fear, fright, panic, terror, and trepidation.

As nouns the difference between fear and dread is that fear is (uncountable) a strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat while dread is a great fear.

The definition of dread is extreme fear, or a single dreadlock. An example of dread is someone being panicked with worry about the well-being of a loved one. An example of a dread is one of Bob Marley’s dreadlocks.

1a : of little weight or importance She thinks window shopping is a frivolous activity. b : having no sound basis (as in fact or law) a frivolous lawsuit. 2a : lacking in seriousness a frivolous conversation. b : marked by unbecoming levity was criticized for his frivolous behavior in court.

Quality of being dread.

Dread is a feeling of fear, but it can also be the desire to avoid something. For example, many people feel dread at the very thought of speaking in front of an audience.


  • horrifying,
  • intimidating,
  • redoubtable,
  • scary,
  • shocking,
  • spine-chilling,
  • terrible,
  • terrifying.

OTHER WORDS FOR evil 1 sinful, iniquitous, depraved, vicious, corrupt, base, vile, nefarious. 2 pernicious, destructive. 6 wickedness, depravity, iniquity, unrighteousness, corruption, baseness. 9 disaster, calamity, woe, misery, suffering, sorrow.

anxiety Definition of disquietude : anxiety, agitation. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About disquietude.

: mental or spiritual discomfort: such as. a : vague dissatisfaction : misgiving. b : anxiety, disquiet.

1 : to move or proceed with twists and turns writhed to the music. 2 : to twist from or as if from pain or struggling. 3 : to suffer keenly.

A feeling of dread was in the air. Dread settled into his stomach. Her sense of dread grew as she approached and followed Jonny into his apartment. With a look of dread , she went ahead of him.

With negative events, dread is the result of negative anticipation. There is no positive correlation (except the relief of putting it off).

self-indulgently carefree; unconcerned about or lacking any serious purpose. (of a person) given to trifling or undue levity: a frivolous, empty-headed person. of little or no weight, worth, or importance; not worthy of serious notice: a frivolous suggestion.

rebuke Add to list Share. … The word rebuke can be a verb, meaning to sternly reprimand or scold, but it can also be a noun, because a rebuke is the result of being scolded.

Bimbo is a slang term for a conventionally attractive, sexualized, naive, and unintelligent woman. … It is often used to describe women who are blonde, have curvaceous figures, heavy makeup, and revealing clothing. It is commonly associated with the dumb blonde stereotype.

The followers of this movement called themselves Dreads, signifying that they had a dread, fear, or respect for God. Emulating Hindu and Nazarite holymen, these Dreads grew matted locks of hair, which would become known to the world as Dreadlocks – the hair-style of the Dreads.

fear Apprehension, anxiety, misgiving imply an unsettled and uneasy state of mind. Apprehension is an active state of fear, usually of some danger or misfortune: apprehension before opening a telegram. Anxiety is a somewhat prolonged state of apprehensive worry: anxiety because of a reduced income.

DREADED (adjective) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.

Often dread is triggered by a sense of uncertainty, a major life change, or a nagging sense of doubt that your life is meaningless. It seems to follow you everywhere you go like a dark cloud or a creeping shadow. Dread may eventually lead to panic attacks, nausea, chronic depression or even a ‘nervous breakdown’.

Facing a Few Things: Four Steps For Dealing With Dread

  1. Facing. The only way out is through.
  2. Accepting. Not merely putting up with or enduring it, but taking it in, embracing it completely as a reality, just as it is. …
  3. Floating. …
  4. Letting time pass.

The 27 emotions: admiration, adoration, aesthetic appreciation, amusement, anger, anxiety, awe, awkwardness, boredom, calmness, confusion, craving, disgust, empathic pain, entrancement, excitement, fear, horror, interest, joy, nostalgia, relief, romance, sadness, satisfaction, sexual desire, surprise.

Definition of frightful 1 : causing intense fear or alarm : terrifying. 2 : startling especially in being bad or objectionable a frightful novel. 3 : extreme frightful thirst.

adverb. to a degree that exceeds the bounds or reason or moderation. synonyms: unreasonably. Antonyms: fairly, jolly, middling, moderately, passably, pretty, reasonably, somewhat. to a moderately sufficient extent or degree.

What is another word for self-worth?

dignity pride
self-esteem self-respect
self-confidence amour-propre
positive self-image morale
pride in oneself faith in oneself

(or scallywag), scapegrace, scoundrel, varlet, villain.

malice, malevolence, ill will, spite, malignity, spleen, grudge mean the desire to see another experience pain, injury, or distress. malice implies a deep-seated often unexplainable desire to see another suffer.

Correct spelling for the English word evilly is [ivli], [ivli], [i_v_l_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet).