Episode 6.09 is two-hour Christmas Special titled The Finale, is the holiday episode of the sixth series of Downton Abbey. It is the final episode of the sixth series and serves as the finale for the entire show. It is set between August 29 and December 31, 1925.

All of the Downton Abbey seasons had a Christmas special episode except the first season. See best Christmas episodes of Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey Christmas Special 2011 Countess Violet gets a nutcracker for Christmas. Edith and Anthony Strallan are smitten. A fortune hunter is after Rosamund’s money.

Two-hour Christmas special and the series finale.

She knows that Thomas is the illegitimate son of O’Brien and Lord Grantham and the rightful heir to the house. … Lady Grantham poisons Lord Grantham (already nearly dead anyway after contracting a rare form of slow-acting rabies from Isis) and on his deathbed he acknowledges Thomas as his son.

It is 3 days before the wedding, as mentioned by Lady Mary in the opening scene. Shortly after, Lavinia falls victim to the Spanish Flu and dies. This indicates that Lavinia died in April of 1919.

Dan Stevens – Matthew Crawley Fans were devastated when Matthew died after the birth of his son after being involved in a car accident. … In reality, Dan left the show for new opportunities. Speaking to The Telegraph, he said: It is a desire for freedom really.

Series 6 Series 6 is the final series of the romantic-drama show, Downton Abbey. It premiered in the UK on ITV Sunday September 20, 2015, and premiered in the US on PBS January 3, 2016. A feature film was produced, due to increasingly popular demand and ratings,and released in 2019.

Episode 9 Downton Abbey / Latest episode Spoiler alert: Do not read until you’ve watched the series finale of Downton Abbey, season 6, episode 9, airing March 6. Edith got married!

Downton Abbey is hosting a lavish Christmas party, yet despite being the season of goodwill, tensions are rife and Bates’ arrest has cast a shadow over the festivities. … Upstairs and downstairs at Downton are all shaken by his fate, even O’Brien, though Thomas schemes to ingratiate himself and become the new valet.

Major Gordon then responds to the question that yes, he is Patrick Crawley. He claims that he survived the Titanic sinking, but had developed amnesia and was sent to Canada since he was mistaken for a Canadian. … He also says he/Patrick Crawley had never been fingerprinted.

Mary finds her father in the library deeply saddened over the result of Bates’ trial. Lord Grantham then confronts Lady Mary about the 1913 Pamuk Scandal and convinces her that she shouldn’t marry Richard. He tells her to go to America and live with Grandmama until the fuss dies down.

In a faux-Anastasia plotline, a wounded soldier shows up at Downton saying he’s the rightful heir. Edith falls for it, but the real Patrick did actually die on the Titanic.

Stevens’ fame reached a new level thanks to his time on Downton Abbey. But the actor was looking for new opportunities beyond the fictional Yorkshire estate and was feeling ready to leave. In an interview with The Telegraph, Stevens explained that status and money had little to do with his decision to exit the show.

Death and aftermath Not long after her visit to Mrs Bartlett, Vera is found dead due to ingesting rat poison that she placed in a pie she cooked herself.

7. Lady Mary’s operation was IVF. In season 3, Lady Mary claims to have undergone a small operation that will help her start a family with Matthew.

More than likely he is injecting testosterone, or synthetic testosterone. … spoiler* – it is revealed he has been injecting an expensive placebo of saline, and the unsterilised needles are what is making him ill.

It was complicated, but it was also rape; they’re not mutually exclusive. Mary chose to have sex with Pamuk, but she made that choice under duress. She could not give true consent because she no longer had an option to refuse his advances. … In 100 years, we’ve learned that rape is not just about physical force.

While Lavinia is resting upstairs, Matthew finds himself alone with Mary and tells her what Violet said to him: that he should marry her. … However, they kiss just as Lavinia is coming down the stairs. When her illness delays the wedding, Lavinia tells Matthew that she heard and saw everything.

Lavinia Swire was Matthew’s fiance during the war. … She then confronts Matthew on her deathbed and told him what she saw and heard and that she loved him very much and wanted to marry him, but she postpones their wedding as he loves Mary.

Mary was quite hard on herself and had made peace with the fact that she could be ruined in the eyes of society and lose her prospects. She was even ready to marry a rather sketchy Sir Richard just so she wouldn’t bring shame upon her family.

Henry Talbot Mary (Michelle Dockery), the family’s eldest daughter, finally found love again years after the tragic death of her husband, Matthew. Given that Matthew died in a car crash, Mary agreed to marry Henry Talbot (Matthew Goode) provided he give up his dangerous racecar driving profession and open a car shop instead.

The film ends with Tom courting Lucy, whom he still believes is a maid, and the two sharing a sweet moment, dancing outside of the neighboring estate, Harewood House, where a royal ball is taking place.

After patching things up with Anna, who mutters insane nonsense about being spoiled for her husband, Bates makes it clear that he will not rest until he finds Anna’s attacker.

The day after Mary asks Lord Gillingham to fire Green, he is informed that Green was killed in London by a bus after tripping into the road. His death puts suspicion on Bates due to Bates having previous experience being around unusual deaths of his enemies.

While season six begins with Mary being blackmailed for her hotel stay with Anthony Foyle, by its end, she is married to Henry Talbot, and they are expecting their first child together. Both she and her husband are in business with Tom Branson.

Both Daisy and Mrs. Patmore moved up on the final season of Downton Abbey. … The series ends with Daisy striking up a romance with a handsome young footman and considering moving to a farm with him. And Mrs.

Needless to say, Lord Merton and Isobel Crawley marry, and he’s given a health reprieve. The bromance of Henry Talbot and Tom Branson: There’s been an easy friendship between the two brothers-in-law from the start.

Where the family has a noble title, the entail follows the title, so the same man gets the real estate and the lordship. Robert’s family has an entail, so Matthew gets the earldom, the farmland, and Downton Abbey. [Spoiler Alert: This paragraph reveals details of Downton Abbey Season 3, through the last episode.]

6. Mary- Mary grew suspicious about Marigold when she heard a puzzling remark about the child being a family secret between Cora and Violet and she tried getting answers out of Tom and Anna but they said nothing but they knew. In the end she figured it out and forced Tom to confirm the truth with her.