Noun. doute m (plural doutes) doubt.

English to Tamil Meaning :: doubt Doubt :

Obsolete spelling of doubt. (dialectal or obsolete) To put out; quench; extinguish; douse. The fire she lit was fanned rather than douted.

upright, chastity, constancy, righteousness.

shower with love; show excessive affection for.

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Yes, dout is in the scrabble dictionary.

Definition of dote on/upon : to give a lot of love or attention to (someone or something) She doted on her new grandchild.

valiant Definition of doughty : marked by fearless resolution : valiant a doughty warrior.

male virgin DT dtei (, male virgin)

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[M] [T] I have a big dog. [M] [T] I have a problem. [M] [T] I have been busy. [M] [T] I have to go now.

In the context of can I call versus may I call, and in other examples of that kind, can means physical capability (I CAN call, because I have a phone, know the number, etc.), and may means that you are allowed to do so (I MAY call, because I am on my work break, so there are no rules forbidding me from doing it …

The definition of a bestie is a best friend or close friend. An example of a bestie is the person you love and with whom you spend lots of time. noun.

While it is not necessary that all friendship leads to a romantic relationship, but it is most likely that one ends up falling for their best-friend. And why not? You spend so much time with each other, make so many great memories together and are open about every little aspect of your life.

Bff is an initialism of the phrase best friends forever.